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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Southern Highlands Province: Top 20 Hits of 2024! PNG MUSIC HITS

 Dive into the vibrant sounds of the Southern Highlands Province with this collection of the region's hottest music! This playlist features 20 PNG Music 2024 tracks, from enduring classics to the latest chart-toppers.

Get ready for a musical journey through time, featuring a mix of png latest music 2024, png music hits, and PNG local music that will have you tapping your feet. We've included png music video clips and png video clips to enhance your experience.

Click the timestamps below to find your favorite Southern Highlands Province hits and subscribe for more!


Please note: We strive to avoid copyright infringement. If you own any music featured here and would like it highlighted, kindly let us know in the comments.

Enjoy the best of Southern Highlands Province music!

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Top 10 Papua New Guinea Independence Songs List: Celebrating Unity and Culture

PNG  Independence Songs List: Papua New Guinea, celebrates its independence with immense pride and passion. The country turned 45 years old in 2020 and will be 48 years old on the 16th of September 2023. As the country marks its National Day on the 16th of September, the air is filled with music that resonates with the spirit of unity, identity, and progress. 

This collection of top 10 Papua New Guinea independence songs captures the essence of the nation's journey, showcasing a fusion of traditional melodies and modern beats that inspire and uplift the people.

Top 10 Papua New Guinea Independence Songs List: png independence songs mp3 download

1. Unity Anthem - Papua New Guinea" by Steven M and the PNGSIWA (Music Video)

This powerful anthem by Steven M and the PNGSIWA embodies the call for unity, echoing the nation's aspiration to stand together as one. The song's vibrant rhythms and captivating visuals celebrate the diversity that makes Papua New Guinea a unique mosaic of cultures.

Check out the PNG National Anthem  Like You've Never Heard Before | Lead Guitar by John Warbat

2. West Papua and PNG Unite in Cultural Dance 2015 (Part 2 - Iwalingoto)

Highlighting the bonds between Papua New Guinea and West Papua, this cultural dance video showcases the shared heritage and traditions that unite the two regions. The mesmerizing dance and music express the harmony between the nations.

3. Mirupa Doubts - Kulusi" (Music Video) by CHM Supersound

Through the soulful tune of "Kulusi," Mirupa Doubts taps into the emotions of the people, reflecting on the journey towards independence. The song's lyrics convey the challenges faced and the determination to overcome them.

4. Anslom 'Tell Me' Official music video" by Anslom

 "Tell Me" by Anslom offers a contemporary perspective on unity and progress. The song's catchy beats and modern production resonate with the younger generation while carrying a message of hope and pride.

5. Jamie-Lee 'TOGETHER WE CAN' ft. Jagarizzar, Briena Micah, Tinzy Mau, Henry & Santanya Gewang"

This collaborative effort by Jamie-Lee and other artists captures the essence of collective strength. The song's lively energy and dynamic vocals encourage unity and togetherness.

6. RISE UP_2016 Official Music Film Clip" by Nai Media Production

"RISE UP" is a musical call to action, motivating Papua New Guineans to rise above challenges and work towards a better future. The song's empowering lyrics and visuals instill a sense of national pride.

7. "K Kele - Essy Vavine" by CHM Supersound

"Essy Vavine" by K Kele celebrates the women of Papua New Guinea, highlighting their integral role in the nation's development and progress. The song's joyful melodies honor the strength and resilience of Papua New Guinean women.

8. MT. LEMINA Official Music Video 2017_WameBlood feat. B-Rad and Jay-Roze"

"MT. LEMINA" is a catchy and energetic anthem that embodies the spirit of celebration. With its lively rhythms and engaging visuals, the song captures the joyous atmosphere of Papua New Guinea's Independence Day festivities.

9. Hope For PNG Official Music Video_WB & Soul Harmony 2020" by Wame Blood [Official]

"Hope For PNG" is an uplifting track that carries a message of optimism and progress. The song's inspiring lyrics and harmonious vocals resonate with the spirit of unity and resilience.

10. "Dejays - Kitokure" by CHM Supersound

"Kitokure" by Dejays is a spirited celebration of cultural heritage and identity. The song's fusion of traditional and contemporary elements captures the essence of Papua New Guinea's vibrant diversity.

 Top 10 PNG Independence Day Songs List

As Papua New Guinea commemorates its Independence Day, these songs serve as a reminder of the nation's rich history, cultural unity, and the aspirations of its people. 

From traditional rhythms to modern melodies, these anthems inspire hope, pride, and a shared sense of purpose among Papua New Guineans as they continue their journey of progress and growth.

Friday, June 2, 2023

PNG Local Music 1990 Top Hits | Rediscovering the Vibrant Sounds of PNG Local Music in the 1990s

The 1990s was a remarkable era for Papua New Guinea's (PNG) local music scene. It was a time when artists embraced their cultural roots and infused them with contemporary sounds, resulting in a unique musical landscape. 

In this article, we'll take a nostalgic journey back to the '90s and explore some of the notable songs and artists that defined the era.

PNG Local Music 1990 Top Hits | Rediscovering the Vibrant Sounds of PNG Local Music in the 1990s

1. "Wara Sepik" - Felix Yausi:

With its infectious rhythm and energetic vocals, "Wara Sepik" by Felix Yausi became an instant hit. Released in the early '90s, the song captured the spirit of the Sepik region and showcased the traditional music and dance of the area.

2. "Gutsomi" - Niu Age Band:

The Niu Age Band from Bougainville made waves with their song "Gutsomi." Combining reggae influences with local melodies, the band created a captivating sound that resonated with audiences. Their music was not only entertaining but also carried powerful messages of unity and social consciousness.

3. "Side Doors A Boys Hi" - A Boys Hi:

The A Boys Hi band brought their unique blend of rock and traditional music to the forefront with "Side Doors A Boys Hi." The song showcased their skilful instrumentation and demonstrated the band's ability to bridge cultural gaps through music.

4. "Naya Wanwonde" - Tom Lari:

Tom Lari's "Naya Wanwonde" represented the vibrant music scene in Simbu, PNG. The song's catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics captivated listeners and became a favourite among fans. Tom Lari's soulful voice added an extra layer of emotion to this timeless classic.

5. "Prenayah" - Tom Lari:

Tom Lari continued to make his mark with "Prenayah." This upbeat and melodic track showcased Lari's versatility as an artist and further solidified his place in the local music scene.

6. "Ambai Sandy" - Ambai Sandy:

Ambai Sandy brought a fresh sound to the '90s with his self-titled track "Ambai Sandy." The song's fusion of contemporary beats and traditional elements made it an instant hit, and it remains a cherished gem in PNG's music history.

7. "Tolabit" - Radaaz ft. Anslom:

"Tolabit" was a collaboration between Radaaz and Anslom, two prominent artists of the era. Their fusion of contemporary Papua New Guinean sounds with catchy melodies created an infectious track that resonated with audiences.

8. "Kerema" - Hollie Maea:

Hollie Maea's "Kerema" paid homage to the Kerema region of PNG. The song's captivating rhythm and soulful vocals transported listeners to the picturesque landscapes of the area and celebrated its unique cultural heritage.

9. "Tumbuna Medley" - Demas Saul:

Demas Saul's "Tumbuna Medley" was a tribute to the ancestors of Papua New Guinea. Combining traditional chants, melodic harmonies, and contemporary instrumentation, Saul created a powerful composition that honoured the rich cultural heritage of the nation.

10. "Seng Gunge Fo" - Reks Band:

Reks Band's "Seng Gunge Fo" showcased the band's ability to infuse rock elements into their music while maintaining a distinct Papua New Guinean identity. The song's energetic guitar riffs and catchy chorus made it an anthem for the era.

PNG Local Music 1990 Top Hits

The 1990s was undoubtedly a golden era for Papua New Guinea's local music scene. 

Artists like Felix Yausi, Niu Age Band, and many others brought their unique blend of traditional and contemporary sounds, creating a musical tapestry that celebrated the nation's rich cultural diversity. 

These songs and artists continue to be cherished by both old and new generations, serving as a testament to the vibrant and enduring legacy of PNG's local music from the 1990s.

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Watch PNG Viral Videos and Create Yours

Are you looking for the next big thing in viral videos? Look no further than Papua New Guinea! The country's vibrant music scene and unique culture have given rise to some of the most viral videos of the past year. 

In this post, we'll take a closer look at some of the top viral PNG videos of 2022 and early 2023 and share tips on how to create your own viral videos.

PNG Latest Music Video List 2023

Take a look at how to use CapCut to create movies here

"Baim Karim" by V-star

One of the biggest viral videos of 2022 was "Baim Karim" by V-star. This catchy dance track became a sensation across PNG, with its upbeat rhythm and infectious dance moves. 

The music video features colourful costumes and energetic dancers, making it a must-watch for anyone looking for a fun and lively music video. 

Check it out on YouTube:

"Sikip Sei" by Jaro Local

Another hit from 2022 was "Sikip Sei" by Jaro Local. This song features a unique blend of reggae and PNG-style music, making it a standout track in the crowded PNG music scene. 

The music video is equally impressive, with stunning views of PNG's natural beauty and a great performance by Jaro Local. 

Watch it now on YouTube:

"Warabain" by Rascoe

In early 2023, "Warabain" by Rascoe became a viral hit. This song features a slower tempo and more traditional PNG sound, but still manages to be incredibly catchy and uplifting. 

The music video features stunning shots of the PNG landscape and a heartfelt performance by Rascoe. It's a must-watch for anyone interested in PNG music and culture. 

Check it out on YouTube:

Tips for Creating Viral Videos

So how can you create your own viral videos like these? Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Choose a unique concept: The most viral videos often have a unique and memorable concept that sets them apart from the rest. Brainstorm ideas that are fresh and original, and that will capture your audience's attention.

  • Make it visually stunning: A great video needs to be visually appealing, with great lighting, camera work, and editing. Don't be afraid to invest in high-quality equipment or hire a professional to help you create your video.

  • Keep it short and sweet: Attention spans are short these days, so it's important to keep your video short and to the point. Aim for around 2-3 minutes or less, and make sure you capture your audience's attention right from the start.

  • Promote it: Once you've created your video, don't forget to promote it on social media and other platforms. Share it with friends and family, and ask them to share it with their networks too.

Stay up to date with the Latest PNG Music

Want to stay up to date with the latest PNG music and viral videos? Check out for all the latest news and updates. 

With a huge selection of music and videos, you're sure to find your new favourite viral hit.

Top PNG Viral Videos

Papua New Guinea has produced some of the most viral videos of the past year, with catchy music and stunning visuals that have captivated audiences around the world. 

By following these tips, you too can create your own viral video and become the next big thing in the world of online content. 

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

10 PNG Music Latest Official Video Clips 4K Top Hit List 2024

 PNG Music Fans are talking about who are the trending artists. In this 2024mUpdate, PNG Music Blog takes a look at the 10 PNG Music Latest Official Video Clips, 4K Top Hit List.

PNG Music Blog kept an update of all the top artists producing 4K Official videos and you'll be amazed the interests these PNG video clips generate.

 Some official music videos have over 300,000 views and counting...

Monthly PNG Music Trends for 2024

To recap, here is the trend for the earlier part of 2024, follow this link. It has the viral and trending music, stories and entertainment lines in PNG this year.

Now, the top 10 4K video hits!

10 PNG Music Latest Official Video Clips 4K Top Hit List 2024

10 PNG Music Latest Official Video Clips 4K Top Hit List

Sorted using YouTube's search filters, this trending music list has only the 4K latest video hits. See how you can use the 'Search Filters'.

#1 Top 4K Video Music Clip

Artist: Tonton Malele & Nene Morus (feat. Jayrex Suisui)

Song: Pikinini Niu Ailan

5 months views: 371,000+ [Sept]

#2 Top 4K Video Music Clip

Artist: WAMEBLOOD x SEANRII 2024 Official Music Video

Song: Pipia Man 

3 weeks views: 269,000+ [Sept]

#3 Top 4K Video Music Clip

Artist: WAMEBLOOD x BLUSTER Official Music Video


5 months views: 175,000+ [Sept]

#4 Top 4K Video Music Clip

Artist: Jokema

Song: Morobe Awi

2 week views: 153,000+ [Sept]

#5 Top 4K Video Music Clip

Artist: Inaka Hamene

Song: Danielle

12 months views: 147,000+ [Sept]

#6 Top 4K Video Music Clip

Artist: Jokema

Song: Zara 

10 months views: 101,000+ [Sept]

#7 Top 4K Video Music Clip

Artist: DC Music

Song: Julian Yu Lewa

4 months views: 10,000+ [Sept]

#8 Top 4K Video Music Clip

Artist: Malac

Song: Elbig Raing

4 months views: 8,700+ [Sept]

#9 Top 4K Video Music Clip

Artist: Bullet Sparkoll Bees ft King Swagga

Song: Nabua Uahona

8 months views: 4,200+ [Sept]

#10 Top 4K Video Music Clip

Artist: EMMZ LUX

Song: My Love

2 months views: 500+ [Sept]

There you have it!

The 10 PNG Music Latest Official Video Clips 4K Top Hit List | 2024 Update

Monday, June 21, 2021

PNG Music Official Videos Smashing 100,000 plus Views on YouTube in 2024

The 2024 PNG Music Scene has seen some big hits. The Latest PNG Music official clips have amassed views in 100s of thousands. PNG's latest music site brings to your Monthly Official Music lists: Feb, March, April, May/June. Overall, these 9 PNG artists/songs are RED HOT with hits of more than 100,000 views. Check them out.

PNG Music 2024 latest songs list trend

Smashing 100,000 plus Views on YouTube in 2024

The Fastest 100,000 plus views PNG Music Video

You guessed it. Yep, you may have guessed it right, it's Noqu Lewa by Kali D ft Sean Rii. Within just a couple of weeks of its release, it hit over 10s of thousands of views and over 100,000 views in 20 months; and is still climbing. 

Let us know what you think about the new and up & coming PNG music 2024 latest songs list by commenting below.

PNG Music Hits///

Monday, April 19, 2021

2024 PNG Music Official Video Clips Top 10

We scoured YouTube and identified the Top 10 Trending PNG Music Official Video Clips in April. And here is the result from the most-watched video clips. 

(Btw, we started this Top 10 PNG Music Trend in February. The songs are ranked by YT popularity as well as likes and comments. The full ranking factors can be found here.)

Top 10 PNG Music Videos 2024

1. Sepik Collectives - Siman Guan Tribute to GC Sir Michael T Somare
2. Love Addict - Roxsy Rox Ft. Cammy Bee (Official Music Video 2024)
3. You & I - Henz Mhan ft. D – Star (Official Music Video) 
4. East Side - Tonton Malele & Dj DirtyFingerz (Starring KabbageGang) Official Music Video
5. Solwara Meri - FlickOut Band Of Torokina (Bougainville) 
6. Gop Komb Pere (2024 Official PNG Music Video) - Gop Dust (ft. Gobontas)
7. Ima'u Marerena - Kaukana Brothers 
8. GKN Tambul Ice Medley (2024 PNG Music Official Video) - TLS (ft. Gobontas & Gop Dust)
9. LIMA STAR-I'm Falling (Official Music Video 2024)
10. Avisat Band (Wagu Bee)- Pita Kapten 2024 Single

Most popular music video clips

The most popular video clip at the start of April was the Tribute to the late Sir MT Somare by Sepik Collective. It was sure to take off and it did. 

Following the natural music trends in PNG, the two best-performing official music clip songs right now are Love Addict and East Side.

The Top 10 PNG Music Official Video Clips is a monthly feature section of this Music Blog. Follow us on YouTube and stay in touch as we bring to you the latest and most popular trends in Music and Entertainment in PNG and the South Pacific.

PNG latest music mp4 download


Friday, February 19, 2021

2024 PNG Music Official Video Clips Top 10

PNG Music is running a monthly feature of the latest PNG Music that are trending right now. It's a new feature blog to give PNG Music fans an idea of the hit song on a monthly basis. So, if you want to know what PNG music is 'hitting hot' every month you've got to watch this space.

Check out the YOUTUBE PREMIUM FREE & PAID feature and enjoy unlimited music ads-free.

2024 PNG Latest Hit Video Clips

The criteria of how we arrange the listing of the  '2024 PNG Latest Hit Songs Trending in FEBRUARY' is listed at the end of this post. 

The links to the Official PNG Music Clips are available in this month's Top 10 Featured Vid on YouTube Playlist. Here is the top 10 list of your favourite PNG Songs in FEBRUARY 2024, starting from 10 to 1.

February Trending 10 Hit Songs

1. Let Me Love You - Danielle Ft. Cammy Bee (Official Music Video)

2. A Beo Na Ta - Roxsy Rox Ft. Junky (Official Music Video) 

3. Nana Wan (Official Music Video 2020)- Skwatas Ft Toddie & Strah M4

4. GBA - Pasin Barata (Official Music Video) PNG Music Video 3034

5. Saii Kay - Die Hard (Official Video)

6. Gee Smooth ft Lika Mafi _Fears/ Official Video 2024 PNG Music

7. Enso Love (PNG Music)-AB Nane ft JayTee(Tasik Yard) x Dogface(Boynorth)

8. Taitai Namona - Kaukana Brothers ( PNG Music) - A Hubes Production - Official Video

9. Tasik Nilpis Official Video Clip Bilas Peles

10. Chinese Lewa Official Music Video by Jesse Daniel PNG Latest Music Video 2024

2024 Latest PNG 10 Hit Songs in real-time

Check out the top 10 list to see if there is any change in the features views and likes and popularity.

The list is not only sorted by popularity. Yes, the popularity of the songs by views is a ranking factor, we also consider the following:

1) date song listed,

2) likes count,

3) viewers comments,

4) views count, and

5) search appearance.

The three standout ranking factors are 1, 4 and 5.

The Top 10 PNG Music Official Video Clips is a monthly feature section of this Music Blog. Follow us on YouTube and stay in touch as we bring to you the latest and most popular trends in Music and Entertainment in PNG and the South Pacific.


If you think there's a song that we should rank among the 10 features or a top PNG hit song to feature next month, comment below.