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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Southern Highlands Province: Top 20 Hits of 2024! PNG MUSIC HITS

 Dive into the vibrant sounds of the Southern Highlands Province with this collection of the region's hottest music! This playlist features 20 PNG Music 2024 tracks, from enduring classics to the latest chart-toppers.

Get ready for a musical journey through time, featuring a mix of png latest music 2024, png music hits, and PNG local music that will have you tapping your feet. We've included png music video clips and png video clips to enhance your experience.

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Please note: We strive to avoid copyright infringement. If you own any music featured here and would like it highlighted, kindly let us know in the comments.

Enjoy the best of Southern Highlands Province music!


Looking for the latest jams and timeless classics from Papua New Guinea? Look no further! This collection features 20 of PNG's hottest music hits, from 2024 releases to beloved oldies.

Get ready to groove to the top tracks from Hela Province, a true PNG music powerhouse. It's a hit parade you won't want to miss!

Want to explore PNG music beyond Hela? Search for "PNG Latest Music 2024" or "PNG Music Latest Music Hits" to discover a wider range of artists and genres.

Here's the best part: You can enjoy these catchy tunes as PNG music video clips!

Ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant sounds of PNG?

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Get ready to experience the musical magic of Papua New Guinea!

Saturday, October 3, 2020


 Enga 20 Hit songs collection features songs from the past and present #PNGMusic fans love to listen to. Songs from 2016 to the latest songs that hit PNG YouTube channels. As music fans celebrate these songs, we bring to you the best of Enga (and Wabag) songs. 

Pure 1.33 hours of local #WildWest hits about the Mono Engaland, Wabag Town, the 5 districts, Pogera, Strawberries, Wanaku ... The songs are sung in local Enga Language and Tok Pisin. 

This is a one-stop collection 1 hour 20 minutes of best Enga hit songs. If you are far away from the Engaland, we hope these songs bring Engaland close to you!

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Thesongs collection is for entertainment ONLY. NO copyright infringement intended during the compilation. If there is any song/s that you think we should feature here, please DO let us know in the comments section below. 

Click on the time sequence to listen to your No.1 Enga Song. Or just press▶️🔃

00:00 Wabag Town - Alzamark ft Mathless Crew, Milisious & Nico Blaze 03:58 Mono Lewa Meri Wabag - Outer Crew 07:03 Mountain wanaku- Jaro Local x Lovell x ShayShay 10:43 Posin Miok - McDonald Taylor 14:42 Sweet Enga Land - Mcdonald Taylor 17:59 Siki Mono - Enga Mioks 21:47 Marit Pogera- PX Lama 24:55 Meri Miok Yu Mekim Mi Sikin Guria - Nevelbond ft YoungKiiiNG (#EngaHits) 29:43 Engan Sunamist - Raivat Band 34:22 Trabol Pait Mas Stop- Walikie Hits of Wapenamanda 38:10 Mono Koyalum Ho - Enga Hits 43:25 Meri Enga - Tranka Blast ft. Amon Serum & Ruxz Mahn (#PNGoldies #EngaHits) 47:02 Epoko Poko Lo (#EngaHitSong) - Paiyam Parang 49:52 Bestie Wabag Wanaku - Trojan Ft Tarvin Toune 53:35 Wild West Enga - Antii Bukum 58:27 Wabag Town - McDonald Taylor 2019 01:02:47 White House - Mal Meninga Kuri 01:07:45 X-Kandep Lewa - Ezzi + Orri Paiiks + Dexmahn 01:11:47 Enga Wanaku - Nerdsy Waves 01:16:48 Enga Multi Medley - Mal Meninga Kuri Ft. Bata Rods & McDonald Taylor (#EngaMedley)