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TikTok is very popular in PNG. People in PNG love to make and watch TikTok videos. Here are the top 10 TikTok viral videos that are popular in 2024 in PNG.

viral tiktok video in 2024

PNG TikTok Latest 2024

1. Only Port Moresby residents will understand what just happened. (193K views)

The funniest video on our list is this one. It's all about things that happen in Port Moresby, and it's made lots of people laugh with 193,000 views!

2. Bibao - Waigho (109K views)

This video is super cool. It's got an amazing dance and catchy music, and that's why it has 109,000 views!

3. PNG TikTok 2024 (74K views)

4. PNG TikTok 2024 (70K views)

5. PNG TikTok 2024 (29K views)

6. png tiktok #pngdf (12K views)

7. png tiktok funny 2021 (21K views)

Even though it's from 2021, this funny video still makes people laugh in 2024 with 21,000 views. Laughter never gets old!

8. PNG TikTok Girls - Save Pes Blo You Stret (19K views)

9. PNG TIKTOK 2022 (14K views)

10. png tiktok 2021 (41K views)

This video is also from 2021, but it's still popular with 41,000 views. It's proof that PNG funny TikTok last.

These videos are popular because they are fun and creative, and show the amazing culture of PNG. They also feature catchy music and dance moves that everyone can enjoy.

What do you think?

Would you watch these videos? Are there other cool TikToks that we missed? Share your thoughts and tell us what's trending in PNG's TikTok world in 2024!

PNG Music Latest Songs List: Top 10 Trending PNG Songs in 2024

Papua New Guinea (PNG) has a rich musical culture, and 2024 has seen an exciting wave of new music from the country. In this article, we'll explore the top 10 trending PNG songs in 2024, based on the latest song list arranged by popularity and date of publication.

 PNG Music Top 10 Trending PNG Songs in 2024

PNG Music Latest Songs List 2024


  • Views: 704K
  • Published: 7 months ago

2. MONOLY by Mal Meninga Kuri

  • Views: 322K
  • Published: 7 months ago

3. KUDOUMU Official Music Video - WAMEBLOOD 2024

  • Views: 237K
  • Published: 5 months ago

4. Rhonda - Nebilyer Rangers (Official Music Video Clip 2024)

  • Views: 222K
  • Published: 9 months ago

5. PNG Finest Stay where you are. Raylinda & South Tribe_ Png latest music-2024

  • Views: 107K
  • Published: 9 months ago


  • Views: 80K
  • Published: 6 months ago

7. Archie Tarzy - NO TOKIM MI (PNG LATEST MUSIC) 2024

  • Views: 76K
  • Published: 7 months ago

8. PUPPY LOVE (PNG Official Music Audio 2024) - ZONE 5 CREW

  • Views: 74K
  • Published: 10 months ago

9. Augustine Emil - BAGARAP MURUK - | feat. Nil | 2024 PNG LATEST MUSIC

  • Views: 62K
  • Published: 9 months ago

10. Ai Kavare _ Beejoh ft Stoney Hill x Boynorth x Jajoh Fly (Official Audio 2024)

  • Views: 58K
  • Published: 3 months ago

This list showcases the immense talent and diversity of music in PNG. Whether you're a fan of contemporary or traditional sounds, PNG's music scene has something for everyone.

 Keep an eye out for these artists as they continue to shape the future of PNG music.

PNG Music Latest Songs List: Top 10 Trending PNG Songs in 2024

PNG's music scene is vibrant and evolving, with new and exciting artists emerging all the time. The top 10 trending PNG songs in 2024 showcase the immense talent and diversity of music in the country. Keep an eye out for these artists as they continue to shape the future of PNG music.