Friday, February 19, 2021

2024 PNG Music Official Video Clips Top 10

PNG Music is running a monthly feature of the latest PNG Music that are trending right now. It's a new feature blog to give PNG Music fans an idea of the hit song on a monthly basis. So, if you want to know what PNG music is 'hitting hot' every month you've got to watch this space.

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2024 PNG Latest Hit Video Clips

The criteria of how we arrange the listing of the  '2024 PNG Latest Hit Songs Trending in FEBRUARY' is listed at the end of this post. 

The links to the Official PNG Music Clips are available in this month's Top 10 Featured Vid on YouTube Playlist. Here is the top 10 list of your favourite PNG Songs in FEBRUARY 2024, starting from 10 to 1.

February Trending 10 Hit Songs

1. Let Me Love You - Danielle Ft. Cammy Bee (Official Music Video)

2. A Beo Na Ta - Roxsy Rox Ft. Junky (Official Music Video) 

3. Nana Wan (Official Music Video 2020)- Skwatas Ft Toddie & Strah M4

4. GBA - Pasin Barata (Official Music Video) PNG Music Video 3034

5. Saii Kay - Die Hard (Official Video)

6. Gee Smooth ft Lika Mafi _Fears/ Official Video 2024 PNG Music

7. Enso Love (PNG Music)-AB Nane ft JayTee(Tasik Yard) x Dogface(Boynorth)

8. Taitai Namona - Kaukana Brothers ( PNG Music) - A Hubes Production - Official Video

9. Tasik Nilpis Official Video Clip Bilas Peles

10. Chinese Lewa Official Music Video by Jesse Daniel PNG Latest Music Video 2024

2024 Latest PNG 10 Hit Songs in real-time

Check out the top 10 list to see if there is any change in the features views and likes and popularity.

The list is not only sorted by popularity. Yes, the popularity of the songs by views is a ranking factor, we also consider the following:

1) date song listed,

2) likes count,

3) viewers comments,

4) views count, and

5) search appearance.

The three standout ranking factors are 1, 4 and 5.

The Top 10 PNG Music Official Video Clips is a monthly feature section of this Music Blog. Follow us on YouTube and stay in touch as we bring to you the latest and most popular trends in Music and Entertainment in PNG and the South Pacific.


If you think there's a song that we should rank among the 10 features or a top PNG hit song to feature next month, comment below.

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