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Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Golden Sun Company PNG IO APP - What is it?

 Most of the folks in PNG couldn't really understand the Golden Sun. But, what is Golden Sun and is it a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme? Here are some facts that you should know.

Golden Sun PNG Company login GOlden sun registration

Is GOLDEN SUN legal?

Golden Sun is a REGISTERED company name in the House of Companies in London is GOLDEN SUN INTERNATIONAL TRADING LTD. 

However, it is not a legal company, it only has what is called a PROXY address that it uses to make it look legal at the outset. 

The Golden Sun exists as a company to you if you do not look deeper. Also, there are not much details about this company so look closely at the address as it will tell you all you need to know.

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Golden Sun and CHUNYING Li who is HONG KONG

Golden Sun company is DORMANT at the moment, meaning it didn't do any business over the imposed period. 

This company was also registered to a CHUNYING Li who is HONG KONG Based. The company has not listed any contact details on its website. 

It has registered addresses both in London and Hong Kong, so it must be legit, right?


It uses non-existent proxy addresses. That means that they are not physical or business addresses. They are the only GHOST addresses that look real to people who believe them.

Is Golden Sun a Scam?

This company has all the signs of a PONZI or PYRAMID SCHEME. 

They will sell their scam as a subscription to rate blockbuster previews for a mere USD2.00 depending on the level you pay. 

They use your own money that you pay them to pay you back when you go for a withdrawal the first round. 

The second withdrawal will never come because you have to have down liners who MUST continuously recruit members so that money keeps coming in. 

When the down liners don't recruit or pay up their level the system collapses. These guys will be scrambling for places to hide, and disappear before you know it. 

Those so-called regional managers are just mere SCAMMERS. 


Comment and let is know about your experiences.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

How to Create Viral YouTube Video Shorts

Succeeding on YouTube isn’t just about making lots of videos and shorts. It’s about making the right videos and shorts. This is what trips up most beginners. Fortunately, there’s a tool to help you find promising video ideas

How to Create Viral YouTube Video - the 5 powerful steps to create YouTube videos today.

Check out how to download YouTube shorts here

how to make viral youtube video and shorts

 Research videos and shorts ideas

With TubeBuddy you can research high-opportunity keywords. Select the keywords with a score of 70 or higher. Once you rank for these terms you’ll start getting more views by the day. This costs around $5 per subscription. 

If you want to free tool, use Google Trends. It is the best free research tool available. Check out the PNG Music YouTube Channel and see the views for evidence.


Write and voice script

Assuming you have a computer and internet connection. Writing scripts is completely free. Use your video ideas to create structured scripts with:

  • Hook
  • Intro
  • Body
  • End

Then you need to add on some voice

Add high-quality voiceover for free

If you hate your voice or don’t have a mic…don’t worry. 

With Clipchamp, you can get a high-quality voiceover for free. Just paste in your script and download the voiceover file.

Create viral YouTube videos and shorts

Next, you need to create the video. You have two options:
    1. Film yourself on your smartphone
    2. Use stock video

If you choose the latter, use free sites like:
  • Unsplash
  • Pexels
  • Pixabay
Then, edit your video in Clipchamp.


Design Thumbnails

You don’t need expensive software like Photoshop to make great thumbnails. Use MS PowerPoint and thumbnails that will make your video go viral.

Another great source is Canva

This work was originally produced by Adam | Twitter @Adam_DelDuca

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

10 PNG Music Latest Official Video Clips 4K Top Hit List 2024

 PNG Music Fans are talking about who are the trending artists. In this 2024mUpdate, PNG Music Blog takes a look at the 10 PNG Music Latest Official Video Clips, 4K Top Hit List.

PNG Music Blog kept an update of all the top artists producing 4K Official videos and you'll be amazed the interests these PNG video clips generate.

 Some official music videos have over 300,000 views and counting...

Monthly PNG Music Trends for 2024

To recap, here is the trend for the earlier part of 2024, follow this link. It has the viral and trending music, stories and entertainment lines in PNG this year.

Now, the top 10 4K video hits!

10 PNG Music Latest Official Video Clips 4K Top Hit List 2024

10 PNG Music Latest Official Video Clips 4K Top Hit List

Sorted using YouTube's search filters, this trending music list has only the 4K latest video hits. See how you can use the 'Search Filters'.

#1 Top 4K Video Music Clip

Artist: Tonton Malele & Nene Morus (feat. Jayrex Suisui)

Song: Pikinini Niu Ailan

5 months views: 371,000+ [Sept]

#2 Top 4K Video Music Clip

Artist: WAMEBLOOD x SEANRII 2024 Official Music Video

Song: Pipia Man 

3 weeks views: 269,000+ [Sept]

#3 Top 4K Video Music Clip

Artist: WAMEBLOOD x BLUSTER Official Music Video


5 months views: 175,000+ [Sept]

#4 Top 4K Video Music Clip

Artist: Jokema

Song: Morobe Awi

2 week views: 153,000+ [Sept]

#5 Top 4K Video Music Clip

Artist: Inaka Hamene

Song: Danielle

12 months views: 147,000+ [Sept]

#6 Top 4K Video Music Clip

Artist: Jokema

Song: Zara 

10 months views: 101,000+ [Sept]

#7 Top 4K Video Music Clip

Artist: DC Music

Song: Julian Yu Lewa

4 months views: 10,000+ [Sept]

#8 Top 4K Video Music Clip

Artist: Malac

Song: Elbig Raing

4 months views: 8,700+ [Sept]

#9 Top 4K Video Music Clip

Artist: Bullet Sparkoll Bees ft King Swagga

Song: Nabua Uahona

8 months views: 4,200+ [Sept]

#10 Top 4K Video Music Clip

Artist: EMMZ LUX

Song: My Love

2 months views: 500+ [Sept]

There you have it!

The 10 PNG Music Latest Official Video Clips 4K Top Hit List | 2024 Update

Saturday, September 11, 2021


Ngaire Laun Joseph was born in Lae, Morobe Province. She is a mix of New Guinea Island and Highlands. 

She moved to New Zealand and then settled in Australia where her music career blossomed.

What NGAIIRE 3 Moonshine means

In her own words, NGAIIRE explains the meaning of her new album.

“I am full to the brim of stories that many don’t have the privilege to hold within themselves; some I know quite well and some live deep in my DNA that I won’t have enough lifetimes to unpack,” Ngaiire shares. 

“But the ones I know, I will tell how I want to because I can. So here is a collection of love letters to 3 entities – myself, my country and those I love both here and now departed.” 

NGAIIRE PNG Background 

Now 37, she made it to the second season of Australia Got Talent in 2004. She left the AGT judges in surprise with the range of vocals and unique blend of music.

Unsurprisingly, for those who know NGAIIRE, she has the New Ireland and East New Britain blood in her. SHE ALSO HOLDS A BACHELOR IN PURE JAZZ MUSIC.

Her stage name NGAIIRE. She is a Papua New Guinea-born Australian-based singer and song writer. 

Her new album 3 is now streaming.

NGAIIRE 3 moonshine chart topper 2021 2022
MOONSHINE on PM Chart, new song trend.

Another musician with a PNG background and following in the footsteps of NGAIIRE is Samantha Clark, a Milne Bay girl. See her story here


[Verse 1]

Oh, I'm angry, I'm hurt and I'm in pain

Oh, death come quickly

Don't wanna go insane

Don't wanna go insane

I'm so tired, feel the blood dry in my veins

It burns like the sun

There's no air in my lungs

No air in my lungs


Tell him when he gets here

There will be no tears

Tell him when I left here

It was never outta fear

Tell him that I'm always near

Tell him, tell him, tell him

Tell him when he gets here

There will be no tears

Tell him when I left here

It was never outta fear

Tell him that I'm always near

Tell him, tell him, tell him

[Verse 2]

Please don't let him think that he's

The reason that I went away

Please always be kind to him

Be strong for him, oh Lord, I pray

Please always be there for him

Until your dying day

Oh, I'm naked, forgotten all my shame

Don't know who I used to be

I'll never be the same

I'll never be the same


Tell him when he gets here

There will be no tears

Tell him when I left here

It was never outta fear

Tell him that I'm always near

Tell him, tell him, tell him

Tell him when he gets here

There will be no tears

Tell him when I left here

It was never outta fear

Tell him that I'm always near

Tell him, tell him, tell him


Please don't let him think that he's

The reason that I went away

Please always be kind to him

Be strong for him, oh Lord, I pray

Please always be there for him

Until your dying day

Oh, please

Oh, please don't let him think that he's

The reason that I went away

Please always be kind to him

Be strong for him, oh Lord, I pray

Please always be there for him

Until your dying day

Friday, April 16, 2021

Australian Navy Dancers Twerk at commissioning of new ship

Australian navy top brass treated to 'inappropriate' twerking dances at ship naming ceremony. The Navy Dancers twerking were a bit of fun for the stone-faced delegates. The scene was fun and enjoyable and that was why it was trending. 

Twitter Image

PNG Vs Australian Navy Twerking

Back in PNG, just last week, the former Miss PNG caused an uproar in PNG Social Media, especially Facebook, for twerking. Miss PNG twerking was a bit of fun during the 'lockdown' in Port Moresby.

The uproar in Social Media in PNG and Main Stream media in Australia following the dancers twerking video shows that many people see twerking as inappropriate.

The video capture by ABC News was reported to have been doctored. ABC recently apologised to the dancers.

ABC apologises for Australian navy ship twerking video after dancers allege ‘deceptive editing’ [The Guardian]

Here are what some response from the general public about the Australian Navy Dancers Dancers twerking.

"I think standards have failed and so I think obviously [the] defence will look at these matters and make what changes they wish to in the future. I will leave that to them. It is disappointing that Australians were so misled on that issue." Scott Morrison, Australian PM

 "We don’t tell young women enough is enough. Young men doing burnouts, fighting, wolf-whistling. Jumped on. Young women twerking, debasing culture, well that’s terrific. Can’t put limits on girls, that would be like Hitler or my dad or something." (Twitter post/Name withheld)

"Sorry. Not appropriate. Doesn't matter who the girls are, this is not appropriate. At a time when we are promoting the rights of women to not be objectified, there are other dance moves that would be fun and equally energetic." (Twitter post, name withheld)

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Lucy Maino Former Miss Papua New Guinea Term Expired in 2020 - Crown Not Stripped

Lucy maino Twerk video response

Since August 2019 I have been extremely honored to serve as Miss Papua New Guinea/Pacific Islands. During my reign I had the opportunity to: 

  • serve as a youth representative when the United Nations Deputy Secretary General visited; 
  • be the first Miss Papua New Guinea/Pacific Islands to visit the women’s unit at Bomana Prison; and
  • used my voice to advocate for the empowerment of women through sport.

When my term ended in late 2020, rather than hand the crown to my successor, the pandemic presented other plans. A pageant could not be held and therefore when asked to continue my service as Miss Papua New Guinea/Pacific Islands, I willingly agreed.

However, the time has come to move forward with the next chapter of my life.

While some have implied that the crown was taken from me, that is not the case. Instead, in agreement with the Pageant Committee, I completed my service as Miss PNG Pacific Islands 2019-2020. 

I thank the Pageant Committee, partners and sponsors to the pageant, as well as the many who have supported me; 

  • The PNG Special Parliamentary Committee on Gender-Based Violence,
  • The United Nations in Papua New Guinea, and 
  • especially my sponsor, Paga Hill Estate.
I also want to thank the many people who have reached out to me in the past few weeks with messages of encouragement and support.

The opportunity to represent PNG on this unique platform gave me a great perspective on the visibility and value of the Pageant to not only each participant, but more importantly to young women across our land. 

Further, my interactions with many young women, and my own recent public adversities has given me a fresh perspective on the struggles our women face to simply be their authentic selves. 

I am someone who grows stronger with adversity but my heart goes out to those who have faced similar experiences without the kind of support I have received and who fail to see the ignorance for what it is.

Thus, as I have completed my term, I will continue to help others. This experience inspired me to use my voice for those who have no voice and to stand strong against those who desire to tear down and destroy young women. 

In the words of Governor Allan Bird, 

What kind of society does not condemn the torture and killing of women yet gets upset when a young woman does a dance video.” 

My hope is that we as a society can focus on the right priorities. We must grow to be more accepting of one another, to be kinder to one another, and to learn to appreciate our individuality and diversity which is one of the many things that makes PNG unique.

Unfortunately, my recent adversities serves as a sad reminder of how far we have to go as a country. 

While I endured public abuse and harassment online, thousands of women around the country and the world are being subjected to daily physical and psychological abuse. 

Quite often they are silent, in constant fear of further abuse and backlash. These women, and sometimes men, are sadly not as privileged as me. I have decided to use the platform I have to be a voice for women and men like these who need all of us to take a stand on their behalf.

As I move forward with my career and education I will look back on this experience with gratitude for the opportunity I had to be Miss Papua New Guinea/Pacific Islands 2019-2020 and for the love and support that has been shown to me personally. 

I have immense gratitude for those who are working to make PNG a land of opportunity for all and am committed to continue to contribute where I can.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

PNG Hunters Squad

SP PNG Hunter's new recruit Jokadi Bire says he will dedicate his debut season in the Queensland Intrust Super Cup to his people in Salt Nomane, Chimbu.

Following in the footsteps of Justin Olam

The 21-year old is following in the footsteps of his fellow Chimbu man and Melbourne Storm centre Justin Olam who also played with the Lae Tigers while a student at the Papua New Guinea University of Technology.

Bire is treading a similar path has also attained a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering last year and is set to graduate in the coming months.

He was recruited by the Stanley Tepend-coached, Lae Tigers in 2019 while in the third year of his engineering programme. Like Olam, Bire played for two seasons in the Digicel Cup before he was recruited by Hunters.

Where is Jokadi Bire from?

“I come from a remote part of Chimbu (Salt Nomane) and where I come from there is no one from that area that has ever played in the Hunters or Kumuls,” he said at a Hunters training session at the Oil Search National Football Stadium on Monday.

“If I happen to debut this season, I will dedicate the season to the people of Salt Nomane."

He said the 2020 NRL title winner and former Lae Tiger, Olam, was his inspiration and he followed Storm games closely.

SP PNG Hunters Coach Sees Talent

Even coach Matthew Church can see similarities in the way Bire has trained, his style of play and intensity given he was the Falcons assistant coach and had a hand in Olam’s development.

Bire said he felt he was following a similar path to Olam.

“Justin Olam is my role model. The timing was perfect for him (Olam), he completed his studies while playing for Tigers and then straight to Hunters and later he got the NRL contract after one season,” Bire said.

“He was disciplined and he sacrificed a lot to make it that far and I want to try my best revolve my game around that.

Story credit: National Newspaper


Monday, March 22, 2021

Security Firms Kuima and Asila Clashed over Contract Awards

Kuima Security Company caused damages to the Domestic terminal and an NAC vehicle this morning following the loss of the NAC Airport Security Contract to another local Security Company Asila. No passengers were harmed. International and Corporate terminals are not affected.

There are reports the Kuima security guards have gone into the Domestic Aiport landing pads. 

NEC staff have taken cover, but glasses and properties were destroyed. 

It is understood that Kuima Security had been contracted by the NAC to provide security at the Jacksons Airport. However, the contract was given to another security firm in Port Moresby, Asila Security. 

The award of the security contract is a management decision. A decision reached on grounds that the NAC sees fit to replace one security company for another - Kuima for Asila. 

Kuima could have resorted to Courts to resolve the matter. This incident, now, brings the reputation of this security firm into question.

But, there are many questions about the nature of the change.

  • Why has NAC replaced Kuima Security, and preferred Asila Security?
  • Has NAC got substance to back its decisions to replace Kuima Security? 
Of course, there should be some understanding if there are incompetencies on the part of the former security provider. 

 If such change is the management decision, it should not compromise the NAC as an organisation. There should NOT be any form of bias.

Given that the issue has spilled out onto the street, and affected members of the public, NAC has to come clear on its decision. 

Why terminate Kuima Security's services and get a new company in?

Security Firms Kuima JOB

Friday, December 4, 2020

PNG Viral Video Clips You Have Not Seen

Top 5 PNG Viral Short Videos collection 

Trending Games

See all the online trending games here. (including Ludo King and Coin master)

Music: Fugetta Musician: Ilya Truhanov

Phyton snakes collection of Port Moresby Nature Park. The snakes have got a new home and it's comfy. These cute phyton snakes a snoozing during the day as visitors buzz around them

Here is an amateur video and pic collection of Birds of Paradise and pigeons we shot at the Port Moresby Nature. The park has done a fantastic job with these birds. Their enclosures are nestled among tropical plants and trees. It's probably the best place for the exotic birds to find a sanctuary and make it home in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Among them are also Reptiles, Marsupials and other exotic birds we did not have the chance to video. 6 Exotic Birds of Papua New Guinea | #BirdsOfParadise | Nature Park Check out these cute but not so cuddly reptiles we posted earlier Big python snakes Cute Green Lizard

They like to sleep after a huge meal. Lazying around in their enclosures. If/when you are in Port Moresby, PNG, check out POM Nature Park. Lots to see there! Short video