Tuesday, December 28, 2021

How to delete Twitter Account in 4 steps

To Delete Twitter: Open Twitter in a web browser and log in. You cannot delete your Twitter account on Twitter’s app – you must do it through a browser.

How to delete Twitter account in 4 steps

  • 1) Click on your profile image and then click the ‘Settings’ button to take you to the settings page.
  • 2) Select ‘Settings and Privacy,’ and then click ‘Deactivate my account.’
  • 3) Click ‘Deactivate @username,’ and then 
  • 4) Re-enter your Twitter password. This helps Twitter confirm it is definitely you and prevents your account from being deleted by an accident.

Wait for the 30 days to pass, and your account will be deleted.

Delete Twitter account

How to delete Twitter Account

How to delete your other social media accounts

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