Saturday, May 29, 2021

2024 PNG Music Official Video Clips: Latest Song List

The PNG Music scene has been quiet this month. However. Kali-D ft. Seam Rii Noqu Lewa (official music 4K video) music hit has gone viral. Not only that, but the music video clip has taken PNG Music to a different level, altogether!

Check out the latest (2024) PNG Music List trending on YouTube RIGHT NOW.

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PNG Music April Song list )Official PNG Music Video clips & Audio)

List of songs uploaded to YouTube in the last 3 week and predicted to top PNG viewers list in the coming month, June. As predicted last month, we knew Kali-D ft. Seam Rii Noqu Lewa new song was going to be big. And it did - clocked over 144,000 views in just 3.5 weeks. 

PNG Official Video Music List
  1. Taragau Pinis - Simple Tasin
  2. Yu Jen Go - B4L
  3. Luelue TPS ft, Jr J. Beach
  4. Peles Finschhafen Jay Why
  5. Tawawafu - Simamo Tunes
  6. Operation Dynamo - Green Doors
  7. POM City Gele - Kotts Mhan
  8. Love Love - Jenny Low ft Jhay Den
  9. Sepik Poro - Mangha Mais
  10. Puza Wane - Hela Menox ft. Dave Dee
Bonus features: PNG Song List
The bonus songs are not trending but needed some TLCs. Therefore, they are listed at the end of the countdown video clip. Check out these videos and leave a LIKE to support them. 
  1. Lita Bakale Ipu - MMC Crew
  2. Hahitz - Sali Hurhur
  3. Tribal Chant - Exile Music
  4. Dom Gal Mere - remix
  5. Kumdi West - Easter

The number one song: Kali-D ft. Seam Rii Noqu Lewa (official music 4K video)

Kali-D has set the pace for PNG & Pacific Music. The collaboration, production of the video, music and overall output of the official music video on-show is a reminiscence of both the talent and people working with Kali-D.

List of monthly music and song trends

Here is the list of the previous months' music video song list that top the PNG music on YouTube this year:


  1. Good songs๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜€

    1. See Kali-D ft. Seam Rii Noqu Lewa (official music 4K video) music hit has gone viral.

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