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Free PNG Music Downloads

Should I download free PNG music?

Free music is great to save if you are on a budget. But you need to understand music licensing before downloading any music for your creative projects. 

Licensing is key to ensure that the video you have worked so hard to create doesn’t later get taken down by a platform such as YouTube for copyright infringement. So, choose platforms that have license that covers our free music so that you can use it in a variety of different projects. 

YouTube, corporate videos, and non-commercially distributed projects that are created with personal or professional intentions for yourself, your clients, or your employer are all allowed. 

You can use our free music in perpetuity as long as the rules of the license agreement are met. It is important to note that our free music cannot be resold except to the extent that it has been embedded and has become part of your end product.

Free PNG music download

Where can I download free music for my project?

To download free music, check out YouTube Audio extensive, high-quality music library. By using the filters on the left side of the music search page, you can find the perfect track for your project. 

Start by scrolling down the list of available filters to the “Advanced” filter. Click “Advanced” and then scroll through the options within that dropdown menu until you get to the “Free Tracks” option. 

Click the square beside “Free Tracks” so that any search you conduct will only turn up free music results. 

From there, check out the other filters and apply the ones that will help you find the song you need.

Is free music royalty-free?

Free PNG music download

The free music that you download from YouTube Audio is royalty-free

“Royalty-free” is a term used to refer to intellectual property that one can use without paying royalties to the intellectual property owner or creator. 

So in the case of royalty-free music, it means that you pay a one-time fee in order to acquire a license that will allow you to use the music in certain projects. 

These creative projects may include but are not limited to your website or YouTube channel, podcasts, films, commercials, and more. 

It all depends on the type of music license you are working with. So it is important to ensure that the music you are working with is royalty-free.

 If it is not, you must pay royalties to the intellectual property owner or face legal consequences for using copyrighted material without permission. 

Fortunately, all of the music you find on YouTube Audio is royalty-free. Start with free music downloads to try it.

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