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Sunday, May 21, 2023

PNG Latest Music 2023 Sean Rii Latest Song | Top 10

Music has always been a powerful medium for expressing emotions and connecting with people across different cultures. In the vibrant music scene of Papua New Guinea (PNG), Sean Rii has emerged as a talented singer/songwriter. 

Hailing from the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, Sean Rii has captivated audiences with his soulful voice and meaningful lyrics. 

Here are the top 10 songs by Sean Rii in 2023, along with details of their release dates, popularity, and views.

 PNG Latest Music 2023: Sean Rii's Latest Songs | Top 10

1. "Mama" (Official Audio) - 44K views - Released 8 days ago

Starting off our list is "Mama," a heartfelt tribute to mothers. This emotional song has garnered 44K views within just 8 days of its release, showcasing the powerful impact of Sean Rii's music.

2. "Pa Noro" (Official Video) - 117K views - Released 2 weeks ago

With 117K views in just two weeks, "Pa Noro" is a collaboration between Sean Rii, Jenieo, Keol, and A Thug. The song combines catchy melodies with energetic visuals in its official video, making it a popular choice among fans.

3. "We All Champions" (Official Audio Visualizer) - 36K views - Released 1 month ago

Released a month ago, "We All Champions" carries an uplifting message of resilience and unity. Accompanied by a visually engaging audio visualizer, this song has garnered 36K views so far.

4. "Moment" (Official Audio Visualizer) - 22K views - Released 1 month ago

"Moment" showcases Sean Rii's versatility as an artist, with a more introspective and melodic sound. The official audio visualizer has attracted 22K views, resonating with fans who appreciate his emotional depth.

5. "Reini Lae" (Official Audio Visualizer) - 84K views - Released 1 month ago

With its catchy rhythm and relatable lyrics, "Reini Lae" has become a fan favourite, accumulating 84K views in just a month. The vibrant visuals in the audio visualizer add to the overall appeal of the song.

6. "Mangataku" (Official Audio Visualizer) - 21K views - Released 1 month ago

"Mangataku" showcases Sean Rii's ability to infuse traditional elements into his music, creating a unique blend of contemporary and cultural sounds. The song's audio visualizer has garnered 21K views so far.

7. "Slow Down" (Official Audio Visualizer) - 31K views - Released 1 month ago

As the title suggests, "Slow Down" offers a mellower and more laid-back vibe. The song's smooth melody and introspective lyrics have attracted 31K views, resonating with fans who appreciate its soothing atmosphere.

8. "Only You" (Official Audio Visualizer) - 12K views - Released 1 month ago

"Only You" is a heartfelt love song that showcases Sean Rii's ability to convey deep emotions through his music. The song's audio visualizer has accumulated 12K views, making it a popular choice among his fans.

9. "Rorinai" (Official Audio Visualizer) - 37K views - Released 1 month ago

Combining infectious beats and Sean Rii's signature vocals, "Rorinai" has become a hit among listeners. The song's audio visualizer has amassed 37K views, highlighting its popularity within the PNG music scene.

10. "Melanesian Mama" (Official Audio Visualizer) - 22K views - Released 1 month ago

Rounding up our list is "Melanesian Mama," a celebration of Melanesian culture and women. This vibrant and upbeat song has garnered 22K views so far, showcasing the appreciation for Sean Rii's empowering lyrics and infectious melodies.

png latest music 2023 sean rii - solomon island music

PNG Latest Music 2023 Sean Rii

Sean Rii's music continues to captivate audiences in 2023 with his soulful voice and meaningful lyrics. The top 10 songs listed above demonstrate his versatility as an artist and his ability to connect with listeners. 

As Sean Rii continues to release new music, it's clear that he is leaving an indelible mark on the PNG music industry and beyond.

Thursday, April 27, 2023

PNG Local Music 1990s | Top PNG Music Artists and Bands of the 1990s

PNG local music has a unique sound that blends traditional and modern influences, creating a sound that is truly unique. In this article, we will take a look at some of PNG local music from the 1990s.

PNG Local Music 1990s

PNG local music 1990s

The 1990s were a significant decade for PNG local music. It was a time when local artists were starting to gain international recognition, and the industry was starting to grow. 

During this time, there were many great PNG music artists creating some of the most memorable music the country has ever produced. Here are ten old-time popular music artists from the 1990s.

Kales Garegats

Kales Garegats is a musician from Madang Province in PNG. He is known for his Madang traditional songs, danceable music that blends traditional rhythms with modern sounds.


Barike was a popular band from the East New Britain province. They are producing some powerful PNG local music of the1990s, which is still appreciated today! 

Their music is upbeat pop and Tolai rock, creating a unique sound that was popular throughout the country.

Moses Tau

Moses Tau is a musician from the Central Province. His music blends traditional Motuan sounds with contemporary pop and rock, creating a sound that is both modern and rooted in PNG culture.


O-Shen was one of the most popular PNG music artists of the 1990s. He is known for his unique blend of reggae and hip-hop, which he infused with traditional Morobean rhythms to create a sound that was truly his own.


Sanguma was a popular rock band from PNG that gained a following in the 1990s. They were known for their energetic live performances and their fusion of rock and traditional PNG music.

This bank is made up of talented musicians from the University of Papua New Guinea National Arts School. They've toured Australia, the US and did many other international and local live performances.

George Telek

George Telek is a legendary PNG musician who has been making music since the 1980s. 

His music blends traditional PNG rhythms with contemporary sounds, and he is widely regarded as one of the country's greatest musical ambassadors.

Pati Pots Doi

Pati Doi was a popular PNG music artist who released several hit songs in the 1990s. His music was a fusion of traditional PNG rhythms and contemporary pop sounds. 

He is a talented vocalist and keyboardist.


Helgas is a popular musician from the Central Province of PNG. His music blends traditional rhythms with contemporary sounds, creating a sound that is both modern and rooted in PNG culture.


Kuakumba is a Simbu musician known for his unique sound, which blends traditional Simbu rhythms with contemporary pop and rock influences.

Tom Lari

Tom Lari is another Simbu musician who gained popularity in the 1990s. His music is a fusion of traditional Simbu sounds and modern pop and rock.

Henry Kuskus

Henry Kuskus is a musician from Rabaul, East New Britain Province. His music blends traditional Tolai rhythms with contemporary sounds, creating a unique sound that is popular throughout PNG.

Nokondi Nama

Nokondi Nama is a musician from the Eastern Highlands Province of PNG. He is known for his fusion of traditional Eastern Highlands rhythms with contemporary pop and rock influences.

Top PNG Music Artists and Bands of the 1990s

These artists, along with the previous ten listed in the first article, represent the diversity and richness of PNG local music in the 1990s. Their music continues to be celebrated and enjoyed by music lovers in PNG and worldwide.

In conclusion, the 1990s was a significant decade for PNG local music. It was a time when the industry was starting to grow, and local artists were starting to gain popularity. 

The artists listed above were some of the most popular and influential musicians of the time, and their music continues to be celebrated in PNG and around the world today.

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

PlayGo Digicel PNG: Your Ultimate TV Companion for Sports, Shows, and More

PlayGo Digicel is a popular mobile app in Papua New Guinea (PNG) that offers users access to live TV channels, movies, and series on their mobile devices. The app has gained a massive following among rugby league fans in PNG, thanks to its coverage of local and international rugby league games.

How to use PlayGo Digicel PNG

Features of PlayGo Digicel

PlayGo Digicel offers users an exciting array of features that make it the ultimate TV anytime, anywhere app. These features include:

  • Live TV Channels: With PlayGo Digicel, users can watch live TV channels of their favourite sports, news, and entertainment programs on the go.

  • On-Demand Library: PlayGo Digicel has an extensive on-demand library with over 6000+ hours of popular series, movies, and other programs. Users can browse and watch their favourite shows anytime they want.

  • Sports Coverage: Rugby league fans in PNG can enjoy comprehensive coverage of local and international games on PlayGo Digicel. The app covers the Digicel Cup, PNG Hunters in QRL, NRL, and 2023 State of Origin games.

How to Install and Login to PlayGo Digicel:

Installing and logging in to PlayGo Digicel is a breeze. Follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the Google Play Store or Apple Store and search for "PlayGo Digicel."
  • Click on the "Install" button to download and install the app on your mobile device.
  • Open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to create an account.

  • Enter your login credentials (email/phone number and password) to access the app.

PNG User Reviews

While PlayGo Digicel has gained popularity among rugby league fans in PNG, some users have reported issues with the app. Here are a few reviews:

Marsharee Green (September 20, 2020): "OMG!!! This app is so frustrating. I logged in quite ok at first. However, every time since the app keeps crashing. Not only that, based on the channel line up on the website, there should be a dedicated channel to premier league. Unfortunately there isn't."

Fabian Lukara (April 2, 2021): "I like the app, it's easy to access TV channels. But it's not working after I just installed it in a week. It's taking too long loading, and nothing is happening."

A Google User (July 7, 2019): "I wish I went through these reviews before I downloaded the app, but I said why not give it a shot since a free PlayGo pass comes with my plan. First off, it's always a struggle to log in, and when you do get there, the options are very limited."

Overall, PlayGo Digicel is a great app for rugby league fans in PNG who want to catch up on live games and other TV programs on the go. 

With its easy-to-use interface and a range of features, the app offers users an exceptional TV viewing experience. 

However, some users have reported issues with the app, which the developers need to address to improve the app's overall performance.

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

PNG Sexism Music Video - What Is It?

Hey there, music lovers! Let's talk about a topic that's been buzzing around the music industry lately - PNG sexism in music videos.

PNG sexism in music videos

Now, before you start scratching your head and wondering what in the world PNG even stands for, let me enlighten you. PNG stands for "pretty not good-looking." 

Yes, you read that right - it's a new term that's been coined to describe women who are considered attractive but not conventionally beautiful.

PNG Sexism 2023 Music Video - What Is It?

But what does this have to do with music videos, you ask? Well, apparently, there's been a trend in recent years of music videos featuring only women who fit into the PNG category. 

The idea behind it is that these women are relatable and therefore more appealing to the average person.

Sexism in the music industry

But let's be real - this is just another way of perpetuating sexism in the music industry. It's saying that women who don't fit into a certain mold aren't worthy of being showcased in music videos.

So, what can we do about it? Well, first of all, we can start by calling it out when we see it. 

We can also support artists who choose to showcase a diverse range of women in their music videos.

PNG music video celebrating all types of women

And hey, while we're at it, let's make our own music video celebrating all types of women! We can include women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds - because let's face it, beauty comes in all forms.

So, let's say goodbye to PNG sexism and hello to a more inclusive and diverse music industry. Who feels the same? Feel free to comment.

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Latest PNG Music Nuks Haro 2023 PNG music songs

Featured PNG artist
NukSharo PNG music songs  2023

Latest PNG Music Nuks Haro PNG music songs

  • PNG Music
  • NuksHaro
  • Released on 12/30/21 by 600 Waves
  • Main artist: Nuks Haro

Nuks Haro PNG music songs

  1. Emjay Mori 04:26
  2. Eu Ragae 04:18
  3. I wanna love you 03:21
  4. Lao Mai 03:46
  5. Morie O'e 04:14
  6. Otoare Cicee Elja Mori 04:21
  7. Ovo Mori 04:25 
  8. Poua Maea foroe 03:40
  9. Nambis Bilong Kavora Siroi 02:45
  10. Ai madi 03:59
  11. Sun i kamap lon Pavara Easo 04:06
  12. Tato 03:49
  13. Trans Highway 02:51

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Latest developments and trends in PNG music in 2023

Papua New Guinea, a country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, has a rich and diverse music culture. In recent years, there has been a rise in the popularity of PNG music, both within the country and internationally. This article will explore some of the latest developments and trends in PNG music in 2023.

latest developments and trends in PNG music in 2023.

Latest developments and trends in PNG music in 2023

One of the most exciting new developments in PNG music is the emergence of a new generation of young musicians. These artists are using modern technology and social media to reach a wider audience and promote their music. 

They are also experimenting with different styles and genres, blending traditional and contemporary elements to create something truly unique. 

Some notable young musicians from PNG include the band "The Oro Traditional Band" and the song "Oro".

Indigenous languages in lyrics.

Another trend that is gaining popularity in PNG music is the use of indigenous languages in lyrics. This is a way for musicians to connect with their cultural heritage and promote the preservation of traditional languages. 

Many young musicians are using their music to raise awareness of social and political issues facing the country. 

One of the most notable examples is the band "The Wantoks" which addresses issues like corruption and inequality in their music.

Live music events and festivals

The rise of PNG music has also been accompanied by an increase in live music events and festivals. These events provide a platform for local musicians to showcase their talents and connect with fans. 

Some of the most popular music festivals in PNG include the "PNG Music and Arts Festival" and the "PNG Cultural Festival".


PNG music is experiencing a resurgence in popularity in 2023. With the emergence of a new generation of young musicians, the use of indigenous languages in lyrics and an increase in live music events and festivals, the future of PNG music is looking bright. 

As the world continues to discover the rich and diverse music culture of Papua New Guinea, it's exciting to see what the future holds for PNG music.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

PNG Video Clips 2023

Check Out PNG Video Clips 2023 and predicted hits for this year - comment if you think a PNG artist will have some big hits coming out soon. 

PNG Independence Songs: Check out the 10 songs that resonate with PNG Independence.


PNG Video Clips 2023 - Rhee is back PNG Music Cover Talk

PNG Video Clips 2023

PNG Video Clips 2023 Latest Hits

PNG Video Clips 2023: A collection of the greatest classic gold hits from the best PNG artists over the last 40 years. Central, Momase, Highlands, New Guinea Islands - all the big hits from your favourite PNG artists

Monday, August 2, 2021

PNG Latest Music 2023 New Download - TOP APPS

 MP3 and MP4 Free PNG Latest Music 2023 Free Download: What to download music audio in MP3 or music+video MP4 here are some ideas. You can download free mp3 songs, high-quality ringtones, the latest music online or Mp4 video files. 

PNG Independence Songs: Check out the 10 songs that resonate with PNG Independence.
  • For the latest on NRL Finals Games and find out the Grand Final Kick-off Time, Click Here.


MP3 and MP4 Free PNG Latest Music 2023 Free Download

Which app is best for free MP3 to download?

Being one of the largest audio and music streaming platforms with 150 million tracks, Soundcloud is undoubtedly among the best free MP3 downloader android apps. However, you can also try Last.FM, Noisetrade, Jamendo Music and Bandcamp

These music download sites and apps not only stream music and soul-touching daily lyrics but also help you get a free MP3 download in seconds.

Where can I download MP3 songs for free?

 The 5 top apps and sites are the popular music sites that let you stream unlimited music and download PNG Latest Music 2023 Free MP3 songs for free. 

Moreover, your searches are anonymous and your privacy and security can be guaranteed here. No registration, no plugin.

How to download PNG Latest Music 2023 music video clips?

Video or audio, which is better? It depends. Although MP3 music download is prevalent, the video is better because it makes viewers engaged in the imagery, dance, and artist. Simply paste the video URL into the site URL, and select the MP4 format or MP3 format for the music video and download.

How to download PNG music to your phone?

The sites can be used on any mobile browser. Take an Android phone and UC browser for example, first of all, visit the URLs on the UC browser, and you will see a search bar. 

As URL or keyword music search is supported, you can choose either to search for music. 

Enter “Shape of You” in the search bar and press the “Download” button. The search results containing the query will show up beneath the search bar. 

Hit the grey “Download” button of the music you want, and select MP4 or MP3 to download the music.

How to download action movies

How to download PNG latest music 2023 to Your iPhone?

For iPhone users, we recommend Documents by Readdle. After you've installed Documents, open it. Press the compass icon at the lower right corner. It is a mobile browser. 

Then, enter the URL in the address bar. All that's left to do is find the music in the search bar and select a resolution to download the music. 

Copy a URL from the website and paste it into the search bar. Next, choose an MP3 or MP4 resolution to download music for free.

png latest music 2023 download VIDEO CLIPS

Where can I safely download free PNG music video clips?

Security is the top concern when you are looking for a music downloader online. The top music downloaders are 100% safe and free. 

No registration is required, and it is clean without a virus or malware. All you need is to search for music in the search bar, either by URL or keyword, and to choose a format for free music download.

Finding and downloading new PNG music doesn't have to be expensive; many great artists have chosen to make their work available to download for free if you know where to look. Here we've picked the five best providers of free music downloads – all totally legal and above board.

Get the best YouTube downloader to save your YouTube playlists on your PC. 

Where to download free PNG latest music 2023 NEW?

  • Soundcloud
  • Noisetrade
  • Jamendo Music
  • Bandcamp

The sites are the top choices for free music, but some big online music stores like Youtube also offer free tracks to download.

Trending Games

See all the online trending games here. (including Ludo King and Coin master)

Have you heard of FZ Movies .Net? It works the same way as Netnaija and also has some great features for searching for the latest movies to download.

Monday, June 21, 2021

PNG Music Official Videos Smashing 100,000 plus Views on YouTube in 2023

2023 PNG Music Scene has seen some big hits. The Latest PNG Music official clips have amassed views in 100s of thousands. PNG latest music site brings to your Monthly Official Music lists: Feb, March, April, May/June. Overall, these 9 PNG artists/songs are RED HOT with hits of more than 100,000 views. Check them out.

PNG music 2023 latest songs list trend

Smashing 100,000 plus Views on YouTube in 2023

The Fastest 100,000 plus views PNG Music Video

You guessed it. Yep, you may have guessed it right, it's Noqu Lewa by Kali D ft Sean Rii. Within just a couple of weeks of its release, it hit over 10s of thousands of views and over 100,000 views in 20 months; and is still climbing. 

Let us know what you think about the new and up & coming PNG music 2023 latest songs list by commenting below.

PNG Music Hits///

Wednesday, July 15, 2020



2023 Kerema Hit Songs 

Kerema Hit Songs is a collection of 20 latest songs from the Gulf Province. Here, you'll get your fav PNG MUSIC latest songs from the best and most authentic PNG Local Artists and famous Kerema singers like Basil Blitz Greg, Robert Oeka, Ollie Maea...check it out.

This is over 1.5 hours of non-stop Kerema (GULF) and local PNG MUSIC songs in 2023. There is also a good MIX of new contemporary artists and favourite PNG songs about Kerema, Gulf Province that everyone enjoys.


If you wish for PNG MUSIC 2023 to remove your song, you can message us here on YOUTUBE. We will remove it right away.

This is a fan-made song. As such we hope the PNG MUSIC fans will also enjoy this collection of KEREMA, Gulf Province songs/Music.

Enjoy the songs and do SUBSCRIBE.
To listen to your fav song, click on the TIME (in blue) - it'll take to straight to that particular song of your choice :)



00:00 Water Lily Blong Balimo - Robert Oeka

04:24 Soa hea lofeare - Hollie Maea
09:07 Leka Mora (remake) - Archie Tarzy

13:25 Lonely Makuri - Basil Greg
18:33 Meri Kerema - Sean Rii (ft. Hotwils + O.Four)

21:42 Morie Morie! - Archie Tarzy
25:11 Mirou - Lamaika Band

29:53 Lese Mori - BJ Nagura
33:50 Okere - Se beats

37:33 Kerema Morie – Elbig Raingz Ft K.Dwayne
40:42 Mama Ples Bema/Kaintiba - Mafra ft. Delma Mamele

45:41 Kerema Morie - Sky, Bata Clemz and Muno Worixx
48:39 Confirm Kerema Mi Tok- HLP crew

52:10 Sweet Kerema(2019) - Audio Miles (Trakoda Digital Studio)
55:22 Era Kave - Kiks (ft. Stark Drive Productions)

59:42 Pikinini Kerema - Sand Dust/Productions
01:03:03 KEREMA - Hollie Maea (Keyboard Cover)

01:03:50 Kerema Manuku- W.Pack x L.Crew x JuxTee x I.Jay.

01:11:58 Sweet Rosesy/Honiara - Basil Greg


Sunday, July 12, 2020




A collection of 20 popular(and best) songs from the ORO PROVINCE of PAPUA NEW GUINEA. Not just the latest, but also a mix of PNG Oldies like Saugas Band, String Band of Oro and Remixes of Best Hits of Oro.

Features the latest 2023 hit songs about Oro Kaivas, Butterfly (the province emblem), Tufi. Popondetta and Tapa cloth that the province is known for.

The aim is to bring to life the songs that Oro and PNG Love originate from the province.

Copyright Disclaimer: I do NOT own this music video. All rights belong to the artists/owner/owners. No copyright infringement intended.

✔Thanks for watching!


00:00 Sohe Butterfly (Remix-Oro Kaiva) - T.T. Rocks ft. B'rad+T.Tribe 03:58 Saugas Band - Sauga Mei 07:40 Sohe Butterfly (Original) - Moqai 11:35 Meri Tufi/Mangi Kerema - Archy Targy ft T.Blast 15:47 Kesi Erena - Andreas Noreewec 18:01 Mangi Tufi -T.Bowy ft Outcast Crew 21:04 Oro Butterfly - Malahiffz Band 25:37 Tufi Bilong Mi - Narxson 29:22 Oro Medley - Empis of Oro 33:21 PX Oro Kaiva - Uralom Kania ft G.Runn+Choke Band 37:11 Kofure Oro Orokaiva - Zaqudi String Band 40:40 Meri Oro - Wizzy B 43:51 Tapa (Oro Butterfly) - T.T. Rocks 46:31 Sohe Butterfly - Moqai 50:25 Tavile Oro - Endzone Crew 53:37 Butterfly Oro- B.Shy x Tsigoto x N.Nhaytz 57:16 Oro Kare -TT Rocks 58:24 Daisy (MERI TUFI) - Tasik Yard 01:01:12 Gagara Isi - Siremi Hits of Oro Province 01:04:09 Meri Popondetta - Rebel Tribes


Saturday, June 20, 2020


Subscribe to 20 popular sing-along songs from the 22 provinces of Papua New Guinea. 20 popular songs featuring MADANG PROVINCE sung in Tok pisin, and English local dialects. It is the latest compilation of PNG music 2023. 

Check out the YOUTUBE PREMIUM FREE & PAID feature and enjoy unlimited music ads-free.


The aim is to bring to life the popular and best PNG Music. The 2023 PNG Music collection is a fan-made Music Playlist - no copyright infringement intended.

This one is for the Madang and music fans of/from the flying fix country.


1. Meri Kalibobo - Jaro Local ( & Ozlam  ft. Chuki Juice)
2.  Umar Malain Hai - Kales Gadagads
3. Sase Medly - Was Kadoi
4. Adu Yan - Demas Saul
5. Mama - Original Wali Hits
5. Wari Daunim me - DEMAS SAUL
6. Wara Ramu- Gedix Atege
7. Dmam Inan Otu - Saul Doggek Akung
8. Pikinini -  Robert Danaben
9. Flying Fox blong Madang - Maseh
10. Moimoi - Junior Wali Hits
11. Lewa Yu Tasol  - Shydeez
12. Ngalong - Kales
13. Madang Bilum - Robert Danaben
14. Asua Bilong Me Yet - Flames of Mele
15. Madang - Medley
16. Karkar Island - Kande Dwayne
17. O Mama Bilon Me - Shydeez
18. Flying Fox-Malahiffs (Kivens ft Tragic)
19. Bungim Yu Lo Sun Igo Daun - Ziros Band
20. Primus - Waisi Jnr