Saturday, October 3, 2020

Best of Simbu Local Songs (PNG Music Hits)

 The best of Simbu 20 Hit Songs is a collection of popular songs (both latest PNG songs and Simbu Oldies) PNG Music fans love to hear and sing along to. The 20 local hit songs are both the fav Simbu oldies like the much-loved Tom Lari, Baundo, Kuakumba... and the latest artists,  see list below. 

The songs are in Simbu's various dialects, Kuman and Tok Pisin. Listen to the songs of the Simbu's beautiful ambais and angras, and Kundiawa Town; about the rugged land formations; and its people.

If you are far from home (Simbu), this list will have an immediate effect on your soul. So, please listen at your own risk. :)

The collection is fan-made for other PNG Music fans to enjoy. No copyright infringement is intended. If there is a song or music that you wish to highlight, please do let us know in the comment section.

Local Simbu, friends of Simbu, born or breed Simbu will know that these songs hit right to the core.

Check out the time sequence to listen to your fav Simbu songs. best of Simbu 20 Hit Songs 00:00 Ambai Wilma - DJ Bensix 03:10 Ambai Ya Ene Pere Wiga - DA1 07:17 Prenayah Maldere Wa - Tom Lari (#SimbuOldiesHits) 10:53 Eiyo Eiyo - (SimbuLocalHitSong) 13:42 - Sigiwagi Ambai - Kuakumba Rutz 18:07 #Kundiawa HomeTown - Funky x JK x Dee Beats 21:51 Sinegai Best Mona Malda - SKY 04 (#SimbuLocalHitSong) 26:51 Kawa #Ambai Prena Wari Ya - Kelly Ongs ft. Al-X 31:35 #Simbu Medley - Mt Wilhem Bawos 35:45 Sexy Mona Kora Ambai Lewa - Jokema 40:20 Kuwa Sisi (#Kundiawa Suna)- Dorothy 43:42 Ambai Special Lewa - Nevelbond 47:19 Go Bek Lo #Kundiawa - Kuakumba Rutz 52:00 Simbu Special Wailo - K Dumen (#SimbuHits) 55:47 Simbu Ambai Wari Ya - Icemarn 59:45 #Ambai Simbu - S. Benzii Marn 01:03:04 Sken Kewa - Slums Of Simbu (#SimbuHits) 01:06:08 Ambai Sandyo Magegl Wo - Tom Lari (SimbuOldiesHits) 01:08:55 K Dumen - Kolai (#Gumine Road) 01:12:45 Baundo Bendumo - Baundo (SimbuOldiesHits) Wailoooo!

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