Saturday, October 3, 2020

Best of Simbu Local Songs (PNG Music Hits)

Dive into the Heart of Simbu with these 20 Local Hits!

Calling all PNG music lovers! This collection brings together 20 of the hottest Simbu tunes, from the timeless classics you know and love (#SimbuOldiesHits) to the freshest tracks by today's rising stars.

Get ready to sing along to legendary artists like Tom Lari, Kuakumba, and Baundo, and discover the latest beats from Ambai Wilma, DA1, and Funky x JK x Dee Beats.

This playlist is a beautiful journey through Simbu, capturing the spirit of its diverse dialects (Kuman and Tok Pisin), its stunning landscapes, and the warmth of its people. Whether you're reminiscing about home (Simbu) or just exploring the rich PNG music scene, this list is guaranteed to touch your soul.

Fan-made for Fans:

This collection is a labor of love by a fellow PNG music enthusiast, with no copyright infringement intended. We want to share the joy of Simbu music, so if you have a favorite song missing, let us know in the comments!

Simbu Strong:

Local Simbu folks, friends of Simbu, and anyone who carries a piece of Simbu in their heart – this playlist is for you! Get ready to crank it up and let the music take you back home.

Track Listing:

(List the songs with timings for easy reference, just like the original)

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