Friday, April 24, 2020

PNG MUSIC 20 TOP HIT SONGS - Western Highlands Province


Calling All Kanges and Ambuges! Get Your Groove On with This Western Highlands Playlist!

This collection features 20 amazing songs by and about the Western Highlands Province (WHP), sung in a mix of local dialects, Tok Pisin, and English. It's a perfect playlist for Kanges and Ambuges in Hagen or anyone who wants to experience the musical vibes of the WHP.

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Track List:

  1. Spectators - Hagen Meri
  2. M Blood ft. Bata Jah - Ambuge Mundumong
  3. Patti Potts Doi - Hagen Town (6.30 Kange)
  4. Eskimo Band - Mt. Hagen
  5. NGV - Angel Kund Kala Ambuge
  6. Girl Ramba - Jeff ft. Eddız Muns
  7. Eskimo Band - Kange Medley
  8. Tambul Ice - Kangom
  9. Lister Serum - Meri Hagen
  10. Giluwe Hits - Me Like Lukim Mangi Ialibu
  11. Diczii x Nates - Lewa Hagen
  12. Amon_Serum - Meri Kilenge
  13. Mak Zaddy ft. Kanaka - Swit Luv
  14. Sammy Dii ft. Amon Serum - Mangi Kange
  15. Shockwaves Crew - Meri Hagen
  16. B14 Masalai Crew - Hagen Queen
  17. Izzy Mahn - Meri Hagen
  18. Junky N. Nakikus D Bonez - Meri Hagen
  19. F3M Crew - Mangi Hagen
  20. Dube Production - Meri Hagen

Please Note: This playlist is created by a fan and does not claim ownership of the music videos. All rights belong to the respective artists and owners.

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  1. thanks for your time in creating this website and uploading the song titles especially for mt hagen songs. Thanks:)