Tuesday, June 9, 2020

PNG MUSIC MOROBE HITS: 1.25 Hours of Nonstop Music Playlist

Dive into the Sounds of Morobe: A Top 20 Playlist

Get ready to explore the vibrant music scene of Papua New Guinea's Morobe Province! This playlist brings together 20 of the hottest tracks, both classic and contemporary, featuring an amazing mix of PNG and Morobe artists.

This one's dedicated to all the Kumuls and Awes out there – crank it up and subscribe for more great music! – ASASUMBA

Morobe Magic:

  • Morobe Sweet Home (Flohsta ft. Kwa & Joker)
  • Meri Lae/Morobe (Video Logic Crew)
  • Meri Wantok/Morobe (Squattas)
  • Asasumba (Stagajah)
  • Lae City (Kande Dwayne)
  • Mangi Morobe (Roxsette ft. Cammy Bee)
  • Nemba Belong Morobe (K-Dumen)
  • Simple Life (Mereani Masani)
  • Kumul Fly/Mangi Morobe (DPJ & Kronos)
  • Awi Bukawa (Tasik Yard Ft. Outter Crew)
  • Meri Morobe (Armon Serum)
  • Kumul Blo Morobe (Flohsta ft. Outcast Crew)
  • Meri Morobe/Salamanda (JayRex ft. Cammy Bee)
  • Meri Morobe Why Ronowe (Tasik Yard ft. Masalai Crew)
  • Morobe Province (Rex Band)
  • Awi Morobe (Irie Knox ft McVIE)
  • Ayang Morobe(2020) (Aross ft.Tasik Yard)
  • Kumul blo Morobe (Eddie Marn ft. Middle Eden)
  • Sagat Morobe (Ragga Siai ft. Ace Raingz & Joker)
  • Embac Morobe (Jaroz ft. Outdoor Mob x Eman Logic)

Please Note:

  • We do not own the rights to the music or lyrics featured here.
  • This playlist is a compilation of beloved and recent PNG hits, curated by PNG Music Fan for all the PNG music lovers out there, especially our Kumul fans!
  • No copyright infringement is intended.
  • Enjoy the music! – ASASUMBA

For Artists:

If you're a musician or producer and would like your music removed from this collection, please contact us here: YouTube.

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