Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Best Songs about Mothers in Tok Pisin - Mothers Day Songs

Twelve PNG best hits songs about mamas, listen to on Mothers Day, by popular PNG music artists, both oldies and new(ies). Songs about mothers, their faithfulness to raising their children and their commitments to the community they belong to. 

These songs speak right to your heart, whether you listen to them on Mothers' Day or any day of the week.

For the full song list & mothers day date, click here

 Tok Pisin Songs about Mama - Mother's Day 2023

Join PNG Mothers Day 2022 Songs on YouTube

The 1-hour Mothers collection is a collection of songs that everyone can enjoy. Song from PNG's top artists and bands:

  • Owa UNIT
  • Basil Blitz GREG
  • Patti Potts DOI
  • Itambu Band Ft Leonard Kania
  • Gedix ATEGE
  • SHARZY - #SolomonIslandsMusic​
  • Blood Vibes ft. Tuhiana & Simpol Jay
  • Kiitz Mahn Ft Micah Anex Kenda
  • Lista Serum
Thank you, Mama!

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