Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Golden Sun Company PNG IO APP - What is it?

 Most of the folks in PNG couldn't really understand the Golden Sun. But, what is Golden Sun and is it a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme? Here are some facts that you should know.

Golden Sun PNG Company login GOlden sun registration

Is GOLDEN SUN legal?

Golden Sun is a REGISTERED company name in the House of Companies in London is GOLDEN SUN INTERNATIONAL TRADING LTD. 

However, it is not a legal company, it only has what is called a PROXY address that it uses to make it look legal at the outset. 

The Golden Sun exists as a company to you if you do not look deeper. Also, there are not much details about this company so look closely at the address as it will tell you all you need to know.

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Golden Sun and CHUNYING Li who is HONG KONG

Golden Sun company is DORMANT at the moment, meaning it didn't do any business over the imposed period. 

This company was also registered to a CHUNYING Li who is HONG KONG Based. The company has not listed any contact details on its website. 

It has registered addresses both in London and Hong Kong, so it must be legit, right?


It uses non-existent proxy addresses. That means that they are not physical or business addresses. They are the only GHOST addresses that look real to people who believe them.

Is Golden Sun a Scam?

This company has all the signs of a PONZI or PYRAMID SCHEME. 

They will sell their scam as a subscription to rate blockbuster previews for a mere USD2.00 depending on the level you pay. 

They use your own money that you pay them to pay you back when you go for a withdrawal the first round. 

The second withdrawal will never come because you have to have down liners who MUST continuously recruit members so that money keeps coming in. 

When the down liners don't recruit or pay up their level the system collapses. These guys will be scrambling for places to hide, and disappear before you know it. 

Those so-called regional managers are just mere SCAMMERS. 


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