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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Best of Simbu Local Songs (PNG Music Hits)

Dive into the Heart of Simbu with these 20 Local Hits!

Calling all PNG music lovers! This collection brings together 20 of the hottest Simbu tunes, from the timeless classics you know and love (#SimbuOldiesHits) to the freshest tracks by today's rising stars.

Get ready to sing along to legendary artists like Tom Lari, Kuakumba, and Baundo, and discover the latest beats from Ambai Wilma, DA1, and Funky x JK x Dee Beats.

This playlist is a beautiful journey through Simbu, capturing the spirit of its diverse dialects (Kuman and Tok Pisin), its stunning landscapes, and the warmth of its people. Whether you're reminiscing about home (Simbu) or just exploring the rich PNG music scene, this list is guaranteed to touch your soul.

Fan-made for Fans:

This collection is a labor of love by a fellow PNG music enthusiast, with no copyright infringement intended. We want to share the joy of Simbu music, so if you have a favorite song missing, let us know in the comments!

Simbu Strong:

Local Simbu folks, friends of Simbu, and anyone who carries a piece of Simbu in their heart – this playlist is for you! Get ready to crank it up and let the music take you back home.

Track Listing:

(List the songs with timings for easy reference, just like the original)

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Monday, June 22, 2020

2024 Tolai Hits PNG Latest Music 20 Songs Collection

Unleash the rhythm of PNG!

Looking for the hottest tracks straight from Papua New Guinea? Look no further than PNG Music 2024, your one-stop shop for the latest music hits and unforgettable classics.

Experience the Magic of Tolai Music:

Embark on a musical journey through East New Britain with our exclusive collection, "20 Top Tolai Hits 2024." This playlist curates 20 chart-topping Tolai tunes, ranging from nostalgic oldies to the freshest beats of 2024. Relive the golden eras of the 90s or discover new favorites – it's all here for you!

Dive into the vibrant sounds of Papua New Guinea with PNG Music 2024!

A Celebration of PNG Music:

But PNG Music 2024 isn't just about Tolai! (Although, we admit, it's pretty amazing!) We're working on a massive compilation featuring 20 popular sing-alongs from all 22 provinces of Papua New Guinea. Stay tuned for this upcoming release!

In the meantime, check out these irresistible Tolai hits:

  1. Loneliness - Saii Kay ft. BMT
  2. Lulu - Quakes Stringband of Rabaul
  3. Wan Kantri - Barike Band of Rabaul
  4. Swit Love - Patti Potts Doi
  5. Tamoata - Quakes Stringband of Rabaul
  6. Rabaul - Patti Potts Doi
  7. Wantok Meri - Uralom Kania ft Narxson & Raingz
  8. Sore Ma Iau - Painim Wok Band of Rabaul
  9. Rapopo Nambis - P.H. Media
  10. Fish Meri Blo Rabaul - McDonald Taylor ft. Vavina
  11. Tati Tolai- Dirty JNKS ft Tarvin Toune
  12. Haus Bensin - Kopex
  13. Vavina Matis - Sailas Kania ft. T.One & Hotwills
  14. Bulshit (Mix Malex) - Earthquake Band
  15. Meri Tolai - Boy North x Travis Tino
  16. SP Rabaul - West 'N' Rox
  17. Karim Mi Go Avisat - Avisat
  18. Meri Tolai - Tasik Yard
  19. Tati Tolai-Tarvin Toune ft. Dirty Jnks
  20. Aiyo Meri Lewa Tolai - Dezine

Love what you hear?

Head over to YouTube and explore our ever-expanding collection of PNG's latest music (we promise, it's all copyright-safe!). Don't forget to subscribe to PNG Music 2024 for a continuous stream of musical delights from Papua New Guinea!

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Central Province HIT SONGS | 20 Hit Songs from Central Province PNG Music 2024 latest collection

 Dive into the Vibrant Sounds of Papua New Guinea: Your 2024 PNG Music Fix!

Calling all fans of PNG music! Get ready to groove to the latest hits and rediscover timeless classics with this incredible playlist.

We've curated a collection of 20 top songs from across Papua New Guinea, featuring the hottest tracks of 2024 alongside beloved oldies. This playlist features a special focus on the Central Province, with catchy tunes sung in Tok Pisin, Motu, and English.

Whether you're looking for sing-along favorites or want to explore the rich musical tapestry of PNG, this playlist has something for everyone. No copyright infringement intended.

Looking for more PNG music adventures? Subscribe for a journey through all 22 provinces, each bursting with its own unique musical flavors!

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Here's a taste of what awaits you on this playlist:

  1. Before The Next Teardrop Falls - Makali (00:00)
  2. Solwara Vavine - Metere Crew ft. Jayray (05:56)
  3. Moqai - Aunafonza (06:50) ... (remaining song titles listed without timestamps)

This playlist includes:

  • PNG Music 2024
  • PNG Latest Music 2024
  • PNG Music Latest Music Hits
  • PNG Video Clips
  • PNG Music Hits
  • PNG Music Video Clips
  • PNG Local Music: Latest Collection

Get ready to experience the heart and soul of Papua New Guinea through its captivating music! 🇵🇬