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Sunday, November 20, 2022

PNG Gospel Songs | Worship Song List 2024

 Check out the latest PNG top 10 gospel songs on Youtube. These trending songs are easy to follow and sing along to. The songs are in Tok Pisin, Motu and English. 

Follow the links and embedded video for more. If you know any song that is not on the list, let us know in the comment.


PNG gospel songs music MPS download 2024

Trending 10 PNG Gospel Songs 2024

1) 'Covenant Keeping God'(Elshadai Music)Dance by ChoGen Youths of Nonga- 2024 Production, ENB, PNG

🔊An inspirational dance performance by the Nonga ChoGen Youths during the 2024 Productions at Wairiki 2 CRC Local Church, East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea


🔊The gospel song was sung by youths during the Reformation Ministries and Churches Network crusade in Port Moresby. It was live-streamed by  Dominion Media

3) Mi Nogat Wanpela Samtin (Cover) PNG Worship Song

🔊Language - Tok Pisin. God bless the composer or songwriter of this powerful song, keep writing to bless more. Cover by - Vessels of Mercy(V.OM). Music & Video produced by MS Pixels Media

4) Yahweh Lotu Long You | PNG Gospel 2024 | Elvis Maliwolo | MVR Videos

🔊PNG Song LYRICS in Tok Pisin. Song by Elvis Maliwolo, Mastered and Produced by Barney Sai, Road-Walks Musik Productions

5) Generation of Excellence Music - Jisas Kisim Mi Go (PNG Gospel Music 2024)

🔊Song: Jisas Kisim Mi Go. Band: Generation of Excellence Music under Ralalar Governing Church.. Produced by Sparqz Inhaus Records. Acknowledgements to Generation of Excellence Music under Ralalar Governing Church.

6) God blon Brukim solwara (COVER) PNG gospel song

🔊Another wonderful worship song  in Tok Pisin language  (Papua New Guinea )

PNG Gospel Songs 2024 Trends

7) Mi Nogat Wanpela Samting Bai Mi Givim Long You Jesus
🔊Originally Produced in August 2019, this beautiful and powerful worship song was written by Joe Waresi in Tok Pisin and then translated into Makerupu (Rigo) language by Miriam Rawali. Performed by Richard Sergeant with Zolard Media Productions.

8) Oh YAHWEH Bossim Lewa blong Mi-Lyrics(PNG Gospel Music 2024)

🔊God YAHWEH bossim lewa blo mi- Tok Pisin Gospel of Papua New Guinea. This song simply means that, "This world we live in is full of problems and troubles, so LORD, I give my heart to you, Protect and guide my heart." Give our heart to the Lord and He will guide us.

9) Wantaim Bilip (2024 Markham Fresh Gospel Music)

🔊James Ikuan (Kangua Production) - Recorded under Kangua Production

10: Generation of Excellence Music - Jisas Kisim Mi Go (PNG Gospel Music 2024)

🔊Song: Jisas Kisim Mi Go Band: Generation of Excellence Music under Ralalar Governing Church. Produced by Sparqz Inhaus Records. Acknowledgements to Generation of Excellence Music under Ralalar Governing Church. Sparqz Inhaus Records

Monday, August 2, 2021

PNG Latest Music 2024 New Download - TOP APPS

 MP3 and MP4 Free PNG Latest Music 2024 Free Download: What to download music audio in MP3 or music+video MP4 here are some ideas. You can download free MP3 songs, high-quality ringtones, the latest music online or MP4 video files. 

PNG Independence Songs: Check out the 10 songs that resonate with PNG Independence.
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MP3 and MP4 Free PNG Latest Music 2024 Free Download

Which app is best for free MP3 to download?

Being one of the largest audio and music streaming platforms with 150 million tracks, Soundcloud is undoubtedly among the best free MP3 downloader Android apps. However, you can also try Last.FM, Noisetrade, Jamendo Music and Bandcamp

These music download sites and apps not only stream music and soul-touching daily lyrics but also help you get a free MP3 download in seconds.

Where can I download MP3 songs for free?

 The 5 top apps and sites are the popular music sites that let you stream unlimited music and download PNG Latest Music 2024 Free MP3 songs for free. 

Moreover, your searches are anonymous and your privacy and security can be guaranteed here. No registration, no plugin.

How to download PNG Latest Music 2024 music video clips?

Video or audio, which is better? It depends. Although MP3 music download is prevalent, the video is better because it engages viewers in the imagery, dance, and artist. Simply paste the video URL into the site URL, and select the MP4 format or MP3 format for the music video and download.

How to download PNG music to your phone?

The sites can be used on any mobile browser. Take an Android phone and UC browser for example, first of all, visit the URLs on the UC browser, and you will see a search bar. 

As URL or keyword music search is supported, you can choose either to search for music. 

Enter “Shape of You” in the search bar and press the “Download” button. The search results containing the query will show up beneath the search bar. 

Hit the grey “Download” button of the music you want, and select MP4 or MP3 to download the music.

How to download action movies

How to download PNG latest music 2024 to Your iPhone?

For iPhone users, we recommend Documents by Readdle. After you've installed Documents, open it. Press the compass icon at the lower right corner. It is a mobile browser. 

Then, enter the URL in the address bar. All that's left to do is find the music in the search bar and select a resolution to download the music. 

Copy a URL from the website and paste it into the search bar. Next, choose an MP3 or MP4 resolution to download music for free.

png latest music 2023 download VIDEO CLIPS

Where can I safely download free PNG music video clips?

Security is the top concern when you are looking for a music downloader online. The top music downloaders are 100% safe and free. 

No registration is required, and it is clean without a virus or malware. All you need is to search for music in the search bar, either by URL or keyword and to choose a format for free music download.

Finding and downloading new PNG music doesn't have to be expensive; many great artists have chosen to make their work available to download for free if you know where to look. Here we've picked the five best providers of free music downloads – all totally legal and above board.

Get the best YouTube downloader to save your YouTube playlists on your PC. 

Where to download free PNG latest music 2024 NEW?

  • Soundcloud
  • Noisetrade
  • Jamendo Music
  • Bandcamp

The sites are the top choices for free music, but some big online music stores like YouTube also offer free tracks to download.

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Monday, June 22, 2020

2024 Tolai Hits PNG Latest Music 20 Songs Collection

Unleash the rhythm of PNG!

Looking for the hottest tracks straight from Papua New Guinea? Look no further than PNG Music 2024, your one-stop shop for the latest music hits and unforgettable classics.

Experience the Magic of Tolai Music:

Embark on a musical journey through East New Britain with our exclusive collection, "20 Top Tolai Hits 2024." This playlist curates 20 chart-topping Tolai tunes, ranging from nostalgic oldies to the freshest beats of 2024. Relive the golden eras of the 90s or discover new favorites – it's all here for you!

Dive into the vibrant sounds of Papua New Guinea with PNG Music 2024!

A Celebration of PNG Music:

But PNG Music 2024 isn't just about Tolai! (Although, we admit, it's pretty amazing!) We're working on a massive compilation featuring 20 popular sing-alongs from all 22 provinces of Papua New Guinea. Stay tuned for this upcoming release!

In the meantime, check out these irresistible Tolai hits:

  1. Loneliness - Saii Kay ft. BMT
  2. Lulu - Quakes Stringband of Rabaul
  3. Wan Kantri - Barike Band of Rabaul
  4. Swit Love - Patti Potts Doi
  5. Tamoata - Quakes Stringband of Rabaul
  6. Rabaul - Patti Potts Doi
  7. Wantok Meri - Uralom Kania ft Narxson & Raingz
  8. Sore Ma Iau - Painim Wok Band of Rabaul
  9. Rapopo Nambis - P.H. Media
  10. Fish Meri Blo Rabaul - McDonald Taylor ft. Vavina
  11. Tati Tolai- Dirty JNKS ft Tarvin Toune
  12. Haus Bensin - Kopex
  13. Vavina Matis - Sailas Kania ft. T.One & Hotwills
  14. Bulshit (Mix Malex) - Earthquake Band
  15. Meri Tolai - Boy North x Travis Tino
  16. SP Rabaul - West 'N' Rox
  17. Karim Mi Go Avisat - Avisat
  18. Meri Tolai - Tasik Yard
  19. Tati Tolai-Tarvin Toune ft. Dirty Jnks
  20. Aiyo Meri Lewa Tolai - Dezine

Love what you hear?

Head over to YouTube and explore our ever-expanding collection of PNG's latest music (we promise, it's all copyright-safe!). Don't forget to subscribe to PNG Music 2024 for a continuous stream of musical delights from Papua New Guinea!