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Immerse Yourself in the Vibrant Sounds of Papua New Guinea: Latest PNG Music Hits 2024!

Unleash the energy of Papua New Guinea's hottest music scene! This collection curates the very best of PNG Music 2024, featuring both legendary oldies and electrifying new releases. It's a fan-made playlist brimming with variety, ensuring no copyright infringement.

Experience the Magic of Madang Province:

Calling all Madang fans and music lovers! This playlist dives deep into the heart of Madang Province, showcasing 20 infectious tracks sung in Tok Pisin and local dialects. Get ready to sing along to infectious melodies and discover the rich musical heritage of this vibrant region.

Dive into 20 Must-Hear PNG Tracks:

This playlist goes beyond Madang, offering a diverse selection of 20 hit songs from across all 22 provinces of Papua New Guinea. It's the ultimate PNG music sampler, guaranteed to get you moving!

Your Gateway to PNG Music Bliss:

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Here's a Sneak Peek at the Madang Hits:

  1. Meri Kalibobo - Jaro Local (ft. Ozlam & Chuki Juice)
  2. Umar Malain Hai - Kales Gadagads
  3. Sase Medly - Was Kadoi
  4. Adu Yan - Demas Saul
  5. Mama - Original Wali Hits
  6. Wari Daunim Me - Demas Saul
  7. Wara Ramu - Gedix Atege
  8. Dmam Inan Otu - Saul Doggek Akung
  9. Pikinini - Robert Danaben
  10. Moimoi - Junior Wali Hits
  11. Lewa Yu Tasol - Shydeez
  12. Ngalong - Kales
  13. Madang Bilum - Robert Danaben
  14. Asua Bilong Me Yet - Flames of Mele
  15. Madang Medley
  16. Karkar Island - Kande Dwayne
  17. O Mama Bilon Me - Shydeez
  18. Flying Fox - Malahiffs (Kivens ft Tragic)
  19. Bungim Yu Lo Sun Igo Daun - Ziros Band
  20. Primus - Waisi Jnr

This is just a taste of the incredible music scene waiting to be explored. Hit subscribe and embark on your PNG music adventure today!

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