Friday, April 1, 2022

5 Reasons to Download Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite is best for using 2G and 3G network areas. But, why you should Download Facebook Lite and what are the standout reasons? Find out.

1) Facebook Lite is so quick to download.

2)  It uses less storage space.

3) Can work on old Android phones and new phones

4)  Installed quickly – the app is smaller.

5) It does not run many ads like the full Facebook app.

You can use it on older Android phones that are not supported by the regular Facebook app.

How to download facebook lite
Download Facebook Lite and use in slow network areas

Do you save data on Facebook Lite?

Yes, Facebook Lite is fast, free and saves your internet data. As mentioned, it uses less data and works in 2G, 3G, 4G and all network conditions.

Facebook Lite is just 1.6 MB whereas the regular Facebook app is a massive 64 MB. As you can see, FL is over 60x lighter than the full app so it's faster. It is made for areas with a slow network.

Download Facebook Lite

To download Facebook light:

1) Go to Google Play Store, 

2) Search Facebook Lite

3) Select the App (Make sure it is Lite and not the regular app)

4) Install 

5) Log in

That's it! 

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