Monday, August 2, 2021

Panthers NRL Cotton On Fans Super Comfy Off-field Range

 NRL Panthers Cotton On Range: The demand for quality clothing for the NRL teams and their supporters where high. Cotton on realised the open market available to them. Many NRL fans wanted their NRL clubs brands that are comfy, comfortable and snug. 

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 Panthers NRL Cotton On Super Comfy Off-field Clothes

Cotton On also made pay options available to fans through their vouchers and other promos. Even, they gave free merchandise to fans (and convert some AFL fans to NRL). 

See what some fans said about the surprise NRL gifts that they got from Cotton On.

IDK anything about NRL or even watch it but ever since cotton on accidentally sent me that eels shirt I’ve decided they’re my team. [Laura, Twitter, May 2021]

NRL Teams Cotton On Clothing Range - what the fans say!

The sentiments were shared by many fans on social media. Here are some statements that show that the fans really wanted an NRL Cotton On range in 2018/19 having seen the Cotton On AFL clothing ranges:

I am SO jealous of the AFL’s collaboration with Cotton On. Why can’t the  @NRL have merchandise as nice as this Crying face @SeaEagles  maybe we could be the first to start? [Ella, Twitter, 19/08/2019]

Cotton On have an AFL range for women. Does anyone want to make an NRL one? [Steph, Twitter, 17/03/2018]

Cotton On NRL clothing ranges 

The first clubs (and fans) to enjoy the clothing range were Rabbitohs, Bulldogs, Eels, Storm, Broncos or Cowboys. Their fans were ecstatic!  The NRL Cotton On Super Comfy Off-field Clothes are now available for fans. As the NRL season goes into the finals, fans will have to grab their old Cotton On shirts and scarfs or get a new one.

Though Cotton On NRL clothing ranges is expensive they are super stylish and of high quality.  In fact, the Cotton On NRL and AFL ranges are super clean. The quality is A1. Here are some photos. 

Disclaimer: We do not own the photos. All credits are given in the caption. Check out the Cotton on NRL Online Store for more.

Image: NRL.Com


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Image: Cotton On 


Penrith Panthers fans can now show your colours

Cotton On has got the supporter gear for the mighty NRL Panthers since 2019. Cotton on got a range of official NRL Penrith Panthers off-field merchandise gear on their online store. If you're at the game or cheering your Panthers players from home, check out the Online Store.

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