Friday, December 14, 2018

Local PNG Christmas Songs MP3 Download

PNG LATEST MUSIC put together five Christmas songs (carols) for you to enjoy. In fact, it there wasn't many Christmas[y] kind of music which were in tokpisin version or made lately. So, if you are looking for some PNG Christmas tune, you'll probably find this useful. The five Christmas songs by local PNG artists are MP3 formatted and can be directly downloaded onto you phone. The MP3 download step is easy. Click on the link in the text and get the song instantly. 

Dislaimer: This blog is not the owner of the songs. All copy right belong to the artists or producers of these You Tube video clips. 
christmas carols

1. ‘Meri Krismas long Yu’
The composer of the Christmas song ‘Meri Krismas long Yu’ was Robin Kawaipa who Sydney lived in Australia where he ministered in churches and conferences throughout PNG. The song is a brilliant rendition of Jesus Was Born On Christmas Day. Great vocal, backup and acoustic. 
You can directly download MP3 version here

2. In Christ We are One
A Christmas carol from South Bougainville. In fact, it is ‘A Christmas Carol like you've never heard before, South Bougainville style’. Unique and amazing. 
You can directly download MP3 version here

3.  Christmas Time Everybody’s Coming Together 
Jenny Low gave this Christmas song a reggae tune. Cool MP3 download tune to play on your phone. 
You can download MP3 formatted version here. 

 4. Christmas Dinana

Taita Maraga sang this Christmas song beautifully. Sung in Motu. 
You can download MP3 formatted version here.

5. Celebratim Krismas De.
A PNG Christmas song by Lagu Natal in authentic PNG style or should I say NGI Style.
You can download MP3 formatted version here.

As mentioned earlier, there was a lack of quality and latest Christmas songs from Papua New Guinean Artists or in tokpisin or Motu during the compiling of this list. So, if you think there is one we could add to this collection, please (share the love 💖) post a link in the comment section. 

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